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Welcome to the Azure Region, which was populated many years ago after life was brought to this desolate land. Most regions are filled with forests, and days of endless sun. However for much of the year, the Azure Region is covered with snow and ice, making for a beautiful and treacherous landscape. Hardened souls are forced within its lands, however, and many come to the region for the tough challenges it offers and not just from the landscape. The Gym Leaders and Elite are known to be tough and merciless. The Champion is a man unknown, keeping his identity a secret from all but only a few, but he is the strongest trainer within these lands and the main obstacle between you, and the title of Champion.

Despite its dangers, the Azure Region offers many beauties. The mountain ranges that split the region are beautiful without comparison, reaching into the sky like fingers dusted with ice. Ancient forests stretch across its landscape, offering many places for people to hide as well as new friends found in the form of Pokémon. The only real temperate region of the region is a small island just off the coast of the mainland, with an ancient oak forest and expansive grassland.

So come into the Azure Region, and challenge yourself to a harsh winterland and even harsher battles.

Before roleplaying, please read the rules and extra information in the Out of Character forum. You must have a character ID in order to play as a human!

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