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A group of gods were given the task of creating and watching over the World that held the Single large country of Giana. Working together they build the lands and people, watching over them. Regon, the god of Heroes, was in charge of sensing threats to Giana that could bring ruin to it and finding a person or group that had a chance of preventing it. He would grant the ones he had chosen with the Skill of Heroes, which gave them the ability to grow beyond their races normal power and skills when they worked at being a hero.He watched when the Elves, Humans and Dragons banded together, thinking that they were the superior races of Giana and that they needed to take over the other “savage” races to keep them from ruining the world with their evil and as the Demons, Vampires and Orcs joined forces to fight them. He made heroes for both sides and After a long War that no one was winning, the two groups decided to divide Giana into a North and South halves, With the Elves, Humans and Dragons living in the North and Demons, Vampires and Orcs living in the South. For hundreds of years, Giana entered a era of peace, with the North and South growing their own part of Giana.After 500 years Regon sensed a threat to Giana that was even bigger then the War between the Races. He didn’t know what was coming yet, just that it was coming from deep in the void of space and that he needed to find some heroes to fight the coming threat. But to his shock, no one in this world could face the coming threat and win, even with the Skill of Heroes he could give. But he could sense the people he needed, not in this world, but one that was in a different dimension called earth. He teamed up with the god of Mischief, who could make rifts in space, to pull the people he needed from earth to Giana, giving them new bodies to fit into this new world they were in and the Skill of Heroes. After that the two gods spread them out over the land of Giana in small groups, so they could start becoming the heroes Giana needed. The stories start humans are suddenly transported waking up in new bodies, the small groups that find themselves in the same place banding together to explore this new world and try to discover why they were here. This club is for the things that happen in the Southern part of Giana, a land ruled by Demons, Vampires and Orcs. If your more interested in North Giana, a land ruled by Dragons,Humans and Elves, then you can join my club, The Tales of North Giana.

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. This is for where you put the information for the your god characters. The gods of Giana are people that leader of a element of a world, like Animals, plants, war and love. They can’t change a persons mind or control a person, but they cause events in the world to lead people to a goal they want. They also can have three physical forms that they take to interact with the human world. What you need for them- Photo(For all three of their Forms)- Name- What they are the god of- Gender- Sexuality- Personality- Abilities- Bio-
  3. This is the main OOC chat used to help create the Races and their elements of Southern Giana.
  4. Here is where you post your Characters that are Native to the World of Southern Giana. What you need for them- Photo- Name- Age- Gender- Sexuality- Personality- Abilities- Bio-
  5. Here is where you post your human characters that got transported into the World of Southern Giana. What you need for them- Photo- Name- Age- Gender- Sexuality- Personality- New Body Info- Abilities- Bio-
  6. Here is where all the Base Information on a Race of Beings native to Southern Giana will go.
  7. This is the main OOC chat used to help create the world and it’s elements of Southern Giana.
  8. The Country of Giana is divided into two parts, Northern Giana with Elves, Humans and Dragon ruling it and Southern Giana, with Vampires, Demons and Orcs ruling it. This club focuses on the three parts of Southern Giana, the Great Swamplands, homeland of Orcs and Goblins, The Twisted Woods, Homeland of the Vampires, and The Snow Plains, Homeland of the Demons.
  9. This topic is for general OOC chat.
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