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  1. News and Announcements   (8,408 visits to this link)

    Site updates, added features, announcements and threads designed to be news worthy relating to the EcchiDreams Service will be on our articles.

  2. EcchiDreams Guides, Rules and Required Readings   (5,735 visits to this link)

    This forum has guides, rules and other required readings that you should familiarise yourself with. It also provides you with the necessary guidelines on how you can help EcchiDreams become a better place for everybody.

  3. Suggestions, Comments and Feedback   (40,463 visits to this link)

    Let us know what you think about the various aspects of EcchiDreams. Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome, as they may help us make this place better. Comments and suggestions are always welcome from Dreamers.

  4. EcchiDreamers Welcome Forum

    Introduce yourself to the EcchiDreams Community, personal information not necessary. Other Dreamers are encouraged to welcome New Dreamers.

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