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A genius full of energy

Name: Eria Aoi

Background: Unfortunately, Eria does not know much about herself due to having amnesia. The only things she does know are that she got washed ashore, and woke up in a doctor's care stationed at a nearby fort. But despite her memory loss, it seems like she did retain her skills. Taking odd jobs here and there, it turned out she can cook, use tools quite well, and had a wide field of knowledge that has a knack for coming in handy.

Personality: Most people who have encountered Eria would label her as a quirky but competent girl. And in a way, they would be right. That is how Eria presents herself most of the time, and what feels right and fun for her. But behind the seemingly superstitious girl that will jump to ridiculous conclusions is a genius. One who knows that those who show what they are capable of will either be relied on too heavily, or seen as a danger. But she is far from selfish, and helps within reason whenever she can afford to.

Special powers

Genius Spark: In a twist of irony, Eria has access to a large pool of knowledge, encompassing old cultures, special powers, magic, recipes, mechanical engineering, even complex chemical processes just to name a few. Random bits of knowledge will simply come to her when she encounters a problem that she could solve with knowledge. It is thanks to this that she can invent, build and repair technically anything, so long as she has the time and resources to do so.

Psychokinesis: One thing Eria either learned, or re-learned, is the ability to influence herself, and perform superhuman feats not linked to magic with her mind. She occasionally tests what she can and can't do, and has since learned that she is quite capable, but not hero material. To put it short: She can sense living things around her, cast minor illusions, boost her body to be stronger and faster (though her focus is speed, not strength), and create volatile and solid matter out of thin air.

Using this to her advantage, she can fight off ruffians and monsters alike... by hitting them from a distance and running away. Which might seem anti-climatic given her wide array, but that is her best option, given her most destructive attack is not guaranteed to hit, and her physical enhancement only barely makes her physically stronger than an able-bodied male. She is however, much more mobile than even experienced adventurers, and prefers to either outwit, or outrun anything hostile.

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Eria Aoi

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