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Leave of Absence Improvements

~ Leave of Absence Improvements ~
EcchiDreams Update

Hello EcchiDreamers!

Over the next coming months we’re going to be slowly start rolling out further updates to return our site back to feature full. As time goes on we’ll be returning old features and announcing new and changing features, here in the new announcements suite. Every aspect of EcchiDreams has been modernised, thanks to Invision Power Suite 4 and we’re excited to use this to better our second homes. :P

The Leave of Absence has had a complete overhaul, it was once a forum on the site that people could post their Leave of Absence topics, usually roleplayers telling other roleplayers that they’ll be gone for X period because of Y reason. This was quite confusing sometimes, especially for people who didn’t know about Leave of Absence, and wasn’t very well implemented.

Although it worked there was always room for improvement; and now, we’re able to implement this more coherently. Starting Wednesday 15th July 2015 the Leave of Absence forum will be read only, and will be removed by Saturday 1st August 2015.

Instead; Dreamers can go to this link, and set this and disable it themselves. Unlike previously you made an LoA thread and people had to have looked in that thread to know you were on LoA. This is more subtle well… Kinda. Because it’s also more obvious.


You fill out a short reason or something as to why you’re going away. You can enable/disable the status whenever you like. When you’ve activated and saved it; it will show up in multiple places:



Prominently in your profile:


And a subtle link will sit on the top of all your pages reminding you that it’s set, so you can unset it.



User Feedback

Recommended Comments


Posted (edited)

Asuna - On Leave Being a Maiden in Distress

Kirito -  Too Busy being Badass Gathering a Harem.

Suguha - Away Reading Incest Doujins.


Cassandra: ...AND I'm based off this ridiculous scenario?!


On a more serious note this is good change.

Edited by Manni

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hey this is awesome, and it's more control to the member. excellent stuff. I think it's much better than the previous way of doing it.

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I won't edit the announcement but I should have reiterated that LoA is only to be used as a temporary status; not a permanent one. For permanent leave - please send a Senior Staff Member or a Community Administrator requesting account deactivation. Currently the maximum a status can be set to away is 60 days; again contact a Senior Staff Member or a Community Administrator if your LoA is likely to be longer. As always we accept feedback. This can be changed by a slider when setting the status, which is changable on a PC, laptop, or even a touch screen mobile device.


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