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    I have quite a lot of preferences, and my 'turn ons' can run right into some extreme territory. I can be flexible with certain subjects, but if I directly say no, or if it is obvious I am not going to roleplay something, then please, don't push it. I am very adamant with certain things and will most likely not bend to fit someone else's agenda, unless it was okay in my mind.

    Here are a few rules:

    ONE: I am not a dominant person. I am always submissive when it comes to roleplaying. I will not force myself to play a dominant character- ever, because I am not comfortable doing so. I will always play as a bottom, point blank.

    TWO: I can roleplay both in 3rd person, and 1st. I prefer 3rd, but I have no problem roleplaying in 1st person. So, there is no worries for that one. 

    THREE: If you are going to roleplay with me, at least try to have acceptable grammar and punctuation. I don't care much for spelling, as long as it isn't ridiculously wrong. I can take a few misspellings, misplaced commas, but if it is... too much, I will tell you fast, without cutting corners. While my preferred response length states around 2-4 sentences, that's just in general. I can 100% get detailed and write paragraph long roleplays for those who enjoy it. 🙂


    I like a whole assortment of things, as seen at the top. Here are some of my favorite things to do in roleplay:

    - Cum dumps

    - Tentacles

    - Rape

    - Incest

    - Extreme inflation

    - Futanari


    Some things I will NEVER do, are as follows:

    - Scat

    - Death

    - Blood


    If you are interested in roleplaying with m, just send me a message! ♡ Sometimes, I may not be on because my life gets pretty busy, but when I am on I'll make sure to reply to you!

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    She’s friendly and her replies are well-written, though there is a pretty good amount of time between her replies to RP. I’d be fine with that, but after a while, she suddenly stopped responding and she wouldn’t reply to any of my attempts to contact her.

    Response from the author:

    Hello, I apologize for my absence and usual lack of replies, but this site isn't my entire life. I cannot reply to everyone, and there are always reasons why I cannot reply. I have a lot to do in my day to day life, and sometimes I just can't get to your message. I try my best, but sometimes life just swoops you up. I have to take frequent breaks from this site because my motivation drops, or because something has come up in my life. I can't always give notices for it, but I do try to. 

    All I ask is that you keep this in mind.

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