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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Hello! Here, I just wanted to expand a little more on how I write in addition to the types of RPs I'm looking for and the kinks that I particularly enjoy.

    I type anywhere from semi-paragraph up to multiple paragraphs, though how much I type depends on the flow and how much I feel like needs to be conveyed in a response. Also, I use third-person perspective when typing and using quotation marks for dialogue. I prefer partners that also do this, but exceptions can be made. And please have a pretty good grasp on spelling and grammar. I can overlook plenty of errors without issue, when posts are consistently riddled with mistakes, then I find it difficult to be able to continue.

    I do have a heavy preference towards private roleplays instead of public ones. They're just easier on my anxiety. That's not to say I'll never do something that's public. It's just not something I actively seek. To me, public stuff is typically more for chilling out and goofing around. 


    Incest: This is perhaps my number one favorite kink. Whether it be an unhealthy obsession over a family member, playing up the taboo and uncertain nature of one’s feelings for your blood relation, or something that’s more mutual and romantic.

    • My favorite types of incest are: Twins, older brother/younger sister, father/daughter, uncle/niece
    • Other acceptable types are: Cousins, younger brother/older sister, step-family, adopted family, in-laws
    • These I’m far pickier with and don’t often happen: Mother/son, aunt/nephew

    Impregnation/breeding/pregnancy: I don’t know why, but the act of getting someone pregnant has a great appeal to me. Could have been something that the two characters planned on ahead of time, maybe a spur of the moment decision in the middle of their love-making, or even just a happy accident. Even sex while a character is already pregnant is a lot of fun.

    Kemonomimi: Characters with animal ears and/or tails. Could be my partner, myself, or both. I love a variety of them, including okamimimi, nekomimi, kitsunemimi, usagimimi, and so on. This could be a world where kemonomimi are common, they’re genetic experiments, a magical anomaly and so many other possibilities. Goes well with master/pet play, too.

    Ageplay: When there’s a gap in age between our two characters. More often than not, I’d much rather be the older character. The difference in the characters’ ages could be small (5 years or so), or large (20 to 30 years). The gap could be much larger if one of the characters is immortal or has an extended lifespan. Keep in mind that the oldest I’ll play my characters is their early 40s (if they age normally).

    Teacher/student: Another kink with elements of taboo in it. Starting a secret relationship with a student that loves to flirt with her teacher, has a crush that she tries to hide, or simply caught her in a precarious situation that leads to a hard fucking. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a school teacher. Maybe he’s her tutor, or maybe a music instructor hired by her family.

    Threesome: I don’t get to play this one very often because I know how tough it can be for one person to be playing two. I can and have played the second character before, so that is an option if this is something we’re going for. Although to be honest, an RP with a threesome in it will always be mff. I won’t be interested with something that has mmf in it.

    Romance: Something that I absolutely love incorporating in as many RPs as I can. It’s not a necessity, but I find quite a lot of enjoyment in writing about how much our characters feel bonded and loved by one another.

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