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  • Kanna's Preferences (Updated June 2nd)

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    Imouto Kanna
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    If it isn't listed, in the right scenario I might be willing to do it, but it's best to ask

    I only play female heterosexual characters, that I prefer to write in third person, and I only work with original content, currently. I don't want to write about characters that you or someone else already made up, I feel it restricts the creative freedom I like in roleplaying. Length is also important to me, only a couple of sentences every time you respond isn't enough for me to stay interested. Oh, and I also only RP through the private messages (ecchitext), not the instant one (ecchichat).

    Right now I am only interested in incest rps.

    One thing I need to clarify with incest is I only do it with siblings or me as the mother. My favorite thing, however, is to be your younger, loli sister

    Things in this list are not concrete, they may change as I gain more experience in roleplaying on this site or in real life

    BDSM test results (you can take it for yourself here if you are interested!)

    Make your own here.

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    Leavant Carser


    Hey, want to do a roleplay?

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