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  • LazaruzLuna's preferences~

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: No, so please don't ask
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Don't mind spelling, must have good grammar

    Roleplay format - Due to past experiences I write on forums only. I don't do roleplays private messages/ecchi texts or offsite roleplays. Sorry!

    Top ten

    Our rp doesn't have to contain these but these are what I do like the most out of ALL my kinks!

    1. Enslavement/Training/Taming/Pet play - Taking someone and changing them to meet your own desires. Be it changing them into an assassin, conditioning them into the perfect sex slave, or simply making them bark or meow like the animal they are! (I prefer doing pet play as a top but I am willing to play bottom with the right person!) I love it all~

    2. Corruption - Nothing quite like taking a clean/naive/good character and turning them to the dark side! Mwhahaha. -cough cough-

    3. Monsters - Non-humans are very appealing to me. Extra bonus yesness if they have "unique" genitalia.

    4. Unique genitals - I don't know why but penises and vaginas that have a very different shape to them is very big on for me.

    5. Biting/Claiming - Forced or not I like it when characters bite/claim someone as their own with a lovely chomp to the neck! Be mine? You are mine! Nomnomnomnom~

    6. Bondage/Restraint/Discipline - Nothing like being tied up and punished for being the naughty people that we are. Tied up using chains, leather, or something make-shift, and then punishing? Yush, please!

    7. Foot Play - A recent kink of mine is using my character's feet to do lewd things. They could be footjobs or simply using feet to step on someone as a form of punishment, or during pet play. I don't know why I love performing it so much!

    8. Messy sexy times - Cum, cum everywhere! Yes. Bukkake in large amounts! (Especially non-humans!) Inside, outside, and all over the place!

    9. Toys - Two little boys had two little- wait... no... that isn't right. -cough- Be they vibes to tease the outside or dildos to please the inside, they are alllll good~

    10. Forced consent/Blackmail/Dub-Con - Sexy times will happen whether you want it to or not.


    (This is still work in progress but I will update as I go! 8D)

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