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  • Preferences of someone who's a maid lover

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    maid lover
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    I am a switch/sub but I will take submissive roles almost every time. This is because it's the thing that pleases me the most, and because of my total lack of experience I have no idea how to take the lead in sex.

    Being gentle is really important, since I am really emotionally frail (and tremendously sensitive), that is unless you are jumping on me with a foreful approach, like you were trying to rape me. In that case, please do not be gentle 

    I also like my partner to be gentle and caring while taking the lead and domming me, almost motherly, especially if she has lots of experience, after all you never know what you can learn!

    I am a very big tsundere, always looking to receive affection, attentions and compliments and most importantly pet names, but will always deny it. This is also because receiving such things make me really shy and embarrassed, which make me horny. 

    Also I love, LOVE women wearing uniforms and outfits with a theme, this could go anywhere from maid to teacher, guard etc.

    Tomboyish girls, a bit muscly, with abs or taller than me, or girls wearing armor/swords are a big turn on too. 

    I don't mind anal play (receiving).


    Something pretty important to say is that I'm very innocent when it comes to naughty things. Yes I do fantasize about doing certain lewd acts, but those ones that are a bit more extreme scare me tremendously, and make me feel really uncomfortable. I'm a bit frail when sexuality is discussed, especially when I'm opening up to someone, so I'd like if you treated me just a little bit carefully, but not as if I was made of glass. 


    I should mention that I LOVE cuddling, especially before or after sex erp, or even cuddle fucking... Basically I'm in for that anytime



    people who take way too much time answering me back without telling me first, people insisting on roleplaying when i don't want to




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