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  • Temaelrin's Roleplay Preferences Sheet

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: No, so please don't ask
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    Last Updated: 25th August 2019 @19:48 (BST)

    Quick Stats

    Private Roleplaying:- No
    Pure ERP:- No
    Personalised Custom Characters:- No
    Taking New Requests:- Depends. EcchiText me.

    Table of Contents

    1. Last Updated Information
    2. Quick Stats
    3. Table of Contents (You are here)
    4. Introduction
      1. My history
      2. What I will not roleplay
      3. People I won’t roleplay with
      4. Disclaimer
      5. Rights Reserved
    5. My Roleplay Clubs
      1. How to join
    6. Places where I Roleplay
      1. Character ID’s
      2. Extra Information Sheets
    7. Preferences Change Log. 


    Hello and welcome to my Roleplayer Preferences Page. I like to use my pre-established and already existing characters, and make different stories part of their lives and overarching lores. My characters aren't exclusively available to anyone; usually. They have their own lives and live them, so stories with them would be part of a story in a wider character development arc spanned across various roleplay clubs that already connected here on EcchiDreams. I believe this is called a Slice of Life RP? This is pretty much what I do, if that makes sense.

    I don’t roleplay from my phone, I always do it from a computer or laptop. Usually from my computer which has a 4K monitor. The reason I mention this is because 10 lines of text to me will be much, much more to those on a mobile, and in that same vein 10 lines of text from someone from a mobile will probably be about 1-3 lines for me. This is why I don’t particularly care about the amount of lines someone’s text is.

    I like to roleplay as realistically as possible - that doesn’t mean that everything has to be realistic and shit though. After all this is a roleplay, it’s fantasy, make believe, but for me there has to be a scientific or ‘exotic scientific’ or at the very least some kind of logical explanation that stands up to some basic scrutiny. Anything other than that can be a little jarring for me.

    I don’t like people who don’t read; this is extremely important to me. If you can’t read then what’s the point of even role playing? It’s like going to a steak house where all they serve is meat, whilst being a vegan and then complaining about the menu. 😕 

    Whilst the definition of Elitist is quite… broad, and varies from person to person; I don’t consider myself to be Elitist, I don’t think I’m inherently better than any/everyone else*, and we all have our own different styles. I don’t share a blacklist of people not roleplay with, with other people - because it’s not in my best interests to, and I won’t take part in such practices. I actually condemn those practices, as I used to be on such a blacklist on another site. I know how it feels to be excluded like that. I believe blacklists should be personal and not shared; we’re all entitled - I think - to have a personal list of people who we wouldn’t roleplay with.

    By far, my pride and joy is the EPSI Federation RP that I’ve been working on with @Neptune for the better half of a decade. It’s been challenging but it’s a complete universe with lots of back story, lore, and characters. It even has its own Wiki Page just to keep all of the information in a nicely organised fashion. It is also not currently open to anyone, however.

    * Except for those that reply “*moans*” to a very detailed and descriptive sex post. Fuck those people. If you’re one of those then I will not roleplay with you, especially if you don’t think you need to improve on yourself. By all means look for someone else to roleplay with. Please don’t waste my time.

    All links in these preferences are purple, I recommend opening them in a new window/tab.

    My History

    I have been role playing for a very long time, originally back on chatrooms and instant messenger suites. I’ve gone into great detail about my history role playing in this topic (Linked). It is pretty much the story of how EcchiDreams got started as well, actually. It’s not a mandatory read, so that is why I have only linked it. 

    What I will not Roleplay

    The following things I will not roleplay. This is my prerogative and isn’t designed to be exclusionary against other individuals as such. This is after all my “Preferences”. 

    Private Role playing
    I don't think it's appropriate for me to role-play in private with members, like this. I certainly wouldn't want to fuel accusations of favouritism, or nepotism (Not to be confused with @Neptune) either. xP

    Roleplaying Outside of EcchiDreams
    Again, I don't think it's very appropriate for me at all, and I am usually very busy to do that anyway. The only exception is with @Neptune via Google Docs. 

    Weeaboo Characters
    You know the type I'm talking about... Character constantly saying Desu, Omi-Sama and all that crap. I find it plain degrading for all parties involved, and it’s actually extremely cringeworthy. My characters would most likely find that irritating to fuck too. 

    Incubus and Succubus characters
    No exceptions. If your character is even remotely anything like it; it's a no from me. Besides most if not all of my characters will not do anything sexual with them either. Because there is pre-existing lore thanks to a race called the ‘Daedra’ that causes these types to self combust upon trying to draw the sexual energy out of the original species I created. As this could be seen as killing your characters - I think it’s best if we just didn’t.

    Sex with characters under 18
    Whilst I'm okay with references if our characters have done it, I'm not comfortable with roleplaying this outside of my only exception which is certain species that I've made that have different maturation rates to humans. I'm extremely firm on this. No under 18s - at all, and no ‘Looks 12 but is actually millions of years old’ kind of things either.

    Necrophilia, Scat or Guro
    Just no. I don't mind inferring to these events or referencing them, but actually roleplaying them? No. That’s nasty.

    Sex (ERP/Cybering) Only
    Don't get me wrong, I love Sex Roleplaying as much as the next guy. But if you eat only desserts, you'll eventually get sick of it. I like to have plots to my porn, even when it's plotless porn, it to me has to fit in and whilst sex is a big part of my characters it's not the only thing my characters are about. This is more of a personal view. Looking for that? Then respectfully go to someone else, thanks. 🙂

    People I won’t roleplay with

    This is not so much a list of ‘Individuals’ but rather certain mindsets and other incompatibilities. 

    People who can’t take no for an answer
    No means no.

    People with Entitlement Issues
    You roleplay, I roleplay therefore I have to roleplay with you? That’s not how this works. Or perhaps you are in need of being entertained because you’re so bored, and thus demand that I roleplay with you. Either way, take your entitlement somewhere else, please. I realise that we live in an entitlement culture, where everyone is entitled to everything because reasons - but that’s not how I roll. I’m entitled to that opinion. 

    Brand New Dreamers
    I don't usually roleplay with brand new members or members who have recently gone through a period of inactivity. The exception here is EcchiTown.

    People who constantly post “I’m Bored”
    I’m not here to entertain you, and if that’s what you’re looking for then see “People with Entitlement Issues”. My Nan used to say “Those who are always bored are the most boring.” And she’s right. People who are constantly bored wouldn’t know how to write a good story if it smacked them in the face. (IMO)

    People who can’t tell fiction from reality
    See disclaimer for more information. 


    It's sad I have to say this... I will only make this clear, once. Any views expressed or actions done by my characters that I am roleplaying, including in EcchiTown, DOES NOT represent my views or the views of EcchiDreams as a whole, and if you think that - then you’re a special kind of stupid. No way shape or form do I condone most of the stuff my characters do, in REAL life. I sometimes live in a fantasy world; granted but I am well based in reality in real life, thank you, and I'm more than aware that sometimes what is fantasy - is best kept fantasy and not real life, or something to act out on. A roleplay by definition isn’t “real” and if you’re incapable of understanding the difference between roleplaying and real life or otherwise can’t differentiate between reality and fiction, then quite frankly I do not want to roleplay with you. If you don't want to read my side stories, then don't. But I will be damned if I take them down just because someone finds them offensive. This is how strongly I believe in fundamental and most basic of all human rights and as a human it's my right. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. If you’re offended then don’t read my stuff, don’t even RP with me, and fuck your offence. Feel free to file your complaints to my EcchiText box - I will promptly bin them. 🙂

    You may also see racism, sexism, and other unpleasant things too. In the current climate I feel that I should add that I do not endorse such actions in real life, and it's purely a fictitious act. For example: An actor may play a Meth Manufacturer on TV. Doesn't mean he manufactures meth in real life. In addition my character's racism and sexism might not even be equitable to Humans. Example: "Those furry feral bastards." said by a Keza, aimed at a Mako, which may or may not even be in jest as the species I have created view racism very differently. 

    Rights Reserved

    If you have given no prior communication or taken out a Leave of Absence then I have the right to move my characters on, although I will attempt to message you first. Under some circumstances however I will roleplay with you again when you’re ready to get stuck in, but these circumstances are usually because of life threatening problems. Likewise if you are waiting for a reply from me, and it looks like I’ve missed it, please message me as soon as possible, or let me know you’ve posted and I’ll tell you what is what. I’m not usually fussed if you’re busy and stuff and will communicate with you to move forward, but I shall not force anyone to RP with me, I would respect it if I had that right too.

    My Roleplay Clubs

    I have two Roleplay clubs, currently.

    EcchiTown - (LINK)
    Status of this club: Open to All

    EcchiTown is a small quiet town in the country of Ashaea, approximately two hundred miles away from Blackberry Falls City (Although it’s a different roleplay entirely, and has no interaction with it). EcchiTown is described as a Dreamy and Luscious town, with life in abundance. It has its own clean river and farmland to help keep the town self sustaining. But considering this town is made up of EcchiDreamers, who knows what lies beneath this surface of this idyllic town. This is a Mixed Skill Roleplay, so if you’re looking at relaxing somewhere or practicing your roleplaying skills; this is the perfect place to start. I figured I'd try something new and experimental.

    How to Join
    You can just join straight away. You roleplay as your EcchiDreams account (Or set yourself a name in RP, by referring to yourself, as such or drop it into the EcchiCafé OOC area. You don’t need a character ID at all. 

    EPSI Federation RP - (LINK)
    Status of this club: Private Club (Invite Only)

    A very private and exclusive roleplay, that I will invite people to join (I will deny all requests). It's a multi-genre RP mostly set in the far future, it's got a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements to it. It was created as a private RP between @Neptune and I at first but we've since let a few people join it. It's so ridiculously hardcore and extensive it has it's own private wiki site, and literally hundreds of characters, over fifty different species and so on, all of which are original creations, some of them based on already existing things. It has its own lore, and it’s own universe. Just the opening pages of the RP currently spans approximately 20,000 pages in Google Docs. [Still Under Construction]

    How to Join
    You can’t. It’s invite only - forever. I am not forthcoming as to all of the prerequisites either. @Neptune and I will invite you as and when we want to. Requests will automatically be rejected, no exceptions.

    Places where I Roleplay

    Other than the above, these are the only clubs that I will roleplay in. If there is a club not listed here that means I don’t roleplay in it. These aren’t clubs that I own, but the ones that I roleplay in.

    Craethaiel Kingdom - (LINK)
    I am still pretty much sorting out my characters for the Craethaiel Kingdom roleplay. This has been something I’ve been trying to have finished for a long time, but so far I’ve not really gotten anywhere with it. This is perhaps my weakest area, because there is no technology, and I can’t relate to anything here. But it’s something I wanted to push myself on and do, and is part of the earliest days that form the EPSI Federation, with my focus being on the Keza’marakian and Eldyrannth Species (The latter of which being a @Neptune creation), with brief interactions with Human, Mako’demeri, Coda’zotoxi and Zeta’mulurian species. 

    Character ID’s

    Extra Information

    1. The Keza’maraki Palace [Written by @Neptune]

    Blackberry Falls RP - (LINK)
    Blackberry Falls (Or more specifically the United Federation of Families Nation within the Ashaean Island) is the time era that all this started in for me. Since 2015, I’ve been trying to get my characters for this RP sorted out. But it’s on low priority due to the fact that most of the role playing for me here will be done in a separate country to where Blackberry Falls is actually located; as the UFF area is a splinter RP within the RP. 

    Character ID’s

    Extra Information

    Andromeda One - (LINK)
    This is where I am more within my element. This is a Sci-Fi RP, and is the one closest to the same time period as the EPSI Federation RP - In fact they run pretty much side by side in real time. A lot of my characters here are either from the EPSI Federation, or have connections to it. All of those that are even considered to be invited to the EPSI Federation RP will have to pass through here, and have extensive interactions with my EPSI Federation characters to prepare them for the huge culture difference. 

    Character ID’s

    Extra Information

    Utopian Curse - (LINK)
    This one was an interesting challenge, and it took a lot of negotiation with the club owner to have my characters do what they’re going to do here. But the short form of the story is; is that unlike everyone else on this island, the Cursed Utopia is well known in the EPSI Federation and the people here are here on purpose (With exception to Rassai), their mission is to establish an EPSIFleet Research Base there, and to learn about the anomaly that they call the Xician Bridge. Xician is their word to describe other universes, like how we say interplanetary, they would say interuniversullar or something - or Xician. This mean that they’re the most prepared there, but not even they (On the most part) are immune to the island’s effects. 

    Character ID’s

    1. Wolfrin Eldyrannth [Profile Pending]
    2. Kaylarvara Eldyrannth [Profile Pending]
    3. Dizzie Zeta’demeri [Profile Pending]
    4. Phoenix Epsi’rikixi [Profile Pending]
    5. Dez’rarzii Xenovityr’ra [Profile Pending]
    6. Tripprin Eldyrannth [Profile Pending]
    • Featured NPCs
    1. LT-EMH (Long Term Emergency Medical Hologram) [Profile Pending]
    2. Rassai [Profile Complete]

    Extra Information

    Preferences Change Log
    Newest changes are listed first.

    15th July 2019:- Complete and total overhaul of my Roleplayer Preferences sheet. Laid out information in a more easily readable format, and easily digestible. 

    Edited by Temaelrin


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    Disclaimer: @Temaelrin and I work together and are in a relationship together, both on and off the internet (We live together). However this has no bearing on my review.

    Temaelrin is a very dedicated Roleplayer that, when motivated, can post very quickly with very good posts. His posts tend to be long, and quite detailed and are a pleasure to read and respond to. Plots that he comes up with, are very long, very complicated but very detailed. They are often filled with a lot of interesting drama and interesting plot archs that have kept me engaged for years. His characters tend to grow a lot, becoming extremely detailed and realistic, becoming as complex as an actual person.

    A warning, though. Temaelrin is not for the faint hearted. Only those who are prepared for very serious roleplaying should ever consider requesting to roleplay with Temaelrin. He demands a lot from those he roleplays with in terms of dedication, and roleplaying ability. Those who are new to roleplaying, or just like sex only or very short roleplays, Temaelrin is not the roleplayer for you.

    Temaelrin is deeply passionate about Roleplaying, especially his EPSI Federation. It's a huge challenge to roleplay with him and I relish every moment of it.

    5/5 would roleplay with again.

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