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  • Temaelrin's Roleplay Preferences Sheet

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: No, so please don't ask
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    When I first started roleplaying I did it for shock value, what outrageous things could my characters get away with? What would make people go “OH MY!” And so on. Although I take it more seriously now, that urge to be as shocking as possible still remains to some extent, but it’s not the only reason I RP anymore. To me Roleplaying is an outlet, of things that you’d NEVER do in real life, I feel it’s awesome to have a character that would do things you’d never do,

    ll my male characters have “Large” cocks, and female characters have “Large” boobs, because of genetic traits, as

    That said if you’re interested in roleplaying with me, tell me what you’d like to do in an EcchiText, and I’ll happily discuss it! Don’t feel you have to be as downright disgusting as what my characters can be. I will pretty much roleplay everything as I said. If I have any questions or concerns of my own, I will ask, of course, and likewise if you have any, don't hesitate in bringing them up!

    After I have the update sorted out I'm going to update this. I'm currently on-hold as there are urgent site matters I need to attend to. Then I'll be back in the swing of things. ^_^

    Last Update: 2nd April 2019 - @20:12hrs (GMT) Added Andromeda One information.

    My Roleplays:

    Places I Roleplay In:

    • EcchiTown
    • EPSI Federation
    • Blackberry Falls
    • Craethaiel
    • Utopian Curse
    • Andromeda One

    My Character IDs:


    I play as my forum account, which is currently @Temaelrin. It's a mixture of myself and a fantasy world, I mean come on, I don't even play the lottery. LOL

    Blackberry Falls

    Craethiel Kingdom

    Coming Soon.

    Utopian Curse

    Coming Soon.

    Andromeda Galaxy

    EPSI Federation

    All Character ID's are external to the private Wiki Page setup for the EPSI Federation Extra Information.

    My Extra Informations:


    There is no Extra Information in this RP at this time.

    Blackberry Falls

    Craethiel Kingdom

    Coming Soon.

    Utopian Curse

    Coming Soon.

    Andromeda Galaxy

    EPSI Federation

    The Extra Information for this roleplay was so extensive that it's now hosted on a private wiki page.

    Details on how to join the EPSI Federation Roleplay:

    I will invite you if I am comfortable with you; please be aware that you have to be a pretty attentive roleplayer. The amount of reading one has to do for this roleplay is insane, in Google Docs it's currently well over 5,000 pages long. It even has its own private Wiki space. 

    What I will not Roleplay, and what characters I won't roleplay with:

    • Private Roleplaying ~ I don't think it's appropriate for me to role-play in private with members, like this. I certainly wouldn't want to fuel accusations of favouritism, or nepotism (Not to be confused with @Neptune) either. xP
    • Roleplaying Outside of EcchiDreams ~ Again, I don't think it's very appropriate for me at all, and I am usually very busy to do that anyway.
    • Weeaboo Characters ~ You know the type I'm talking about... Character constantly saying Desu, Omi-Sama and all that crap. I find it plain degrading for all parties involved. My characters would most likely find that irritating to fuck too. 
    • Incubus and Succubus characters ~ No exceptions. If your character is even remotely anything like it; it's a no from me. Besides most if not all of my characters will not do anything sexual with them either.
    • Sex with characters under 18 ~ Whilst I'm okay with references if our characters have done it, I'm not comfortable with roleplaying this outside of my only exception which is certain species that I've made that have different maturation rates to humans. I'm pretty firm on this.
    • Necrophilia, Scat or Guro ~ Just no. I don't mind inferring to these events or referencing them, but actually roleplaying them? No.
    • If you're looking for sex only, I'm out ~ Don't get me wrong, I love Sex Roleplaying as much as the next guy. But if you eat only desserts, you'll eventually get sick of it. I like to have plots to my porn, even when it's plotless porn, it to me has to fit in and whilst sex is a big part of my characters it's not the only thing my characters are about. This is more of a personal view. Looking for that? Then respectfully go to someone else, thanks. 🙂

    I do not roleplay with people who:

    • Can’t take no for answer.
    • I don't usually roleplay with brand new members or members who have gone for periods of inactivity. I usually find these types of people leave me hanging and I hate these kinds of plot holes. (Sorry)


    It's sad I have to say this... I will only make this clear, once. Any views expressed or actions done by my characters that I am roleplaying, including in EcchiTown, DOES NOT represent my views or the views of EcchiDreams. No way shape or form do I condone most of the stuff my characters do, in REAL life. I sometimes live in a fantasy world; granted but I am well based in reality thank you, and I'm more than aware that sometimes what is fantasy - is best kept fantasy and not real life, or something to act out on. A roleplay by definition isn’t “real” and if you’re incapable of understanding the difference between roleplaying and real life or otherwise can’t differentiate between reality and fiction, then quite frankly I do not want to roleplay with you. If you don't want to read my side stories, then don't. But I will be damned if I take them down just because someone finds them offensive. This is how strongly I believe in fundamental and most basic of all human rights and as a human it's my right. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. </disclaimic-rant>

    You may also see racism, sexism, and other unpleasant things too. I do not endorse such actions in real life, and it's purely a fictitious act. (Eg. An actor may play a Meth Manufacturer on TV. Doesn't mean he manufactures meth in real life.) And my character's racism and sexism might not even be equitable to Humans. Example: "Those furry feral bastards." said by a Keza, aimed at a Mako. 

    Finally; I reserve the right, within the rules to:

    Move my characters on if you haven’t posted for me in over a month without prior communication that you’ll be taking a Leave of Absence, under any circumstances. Under some circumstances however I will roleplay with you again when you’re ready to get stuck in, but these circumstances are usually because of life threatening problems. Likewise if I owe you a reply and it looks like I’ve missed it, please message me as soon as possible, or let me know you’ve posted and I’ll tell you what is what. I’m not usually fussed if you’re busy and stuff and will communicate with you to move forward, but I shall not force anyone to RP with me, I would respect it if I had that right too.

    Edited by Temaelrin

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    Disclaimer: @Temaelrin and I work together and are in a relationship together, both on and off the internet (We live together). However this has no bearing on my review.

    Temaelrin is a very dedicated Roleplayer that, when motivated, can post very quickly with very good posts. His posts tend to be long, and quite detailed and are a pleasure to read and respond to. Plots that he comes up with, are very long, very complicated but very detailed. They are often filled with a lot of interesting drama and interesting plot archs that have kept me engaged for years. His characters tend to grow a lot, becoming extremely detailed and realistic, becoming as complex as an actual person.

    A warning, though. Temaelrin is not for the faint hearted. Only those who are prepared for very serious roleplaying should ever consider requesting to roleplay with Temaelrin. He demands a lot from those he roleplays with in terms of dedication, and roleplaying ability. Those who are new to roleplaying, or just like sex only or very short roleplays, Temaelrin is not the roleplayer for you.

    Temaelrin is deeply passionate about Roleplaying, especially his EPSI Federation. It's a huge challenge to roleplay with him and I relish every moment of it.

    5/5 would roleplay with again.

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