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    Hello and welcome to my Roleplay thread.
    How are you doing this fine day? I hope that you are doing fine even if it may seem to be hectic all around us.
    First of all, I would like to give you my thanks for reading this post. I've seen others do it, so I thought it would be best to participate in it aswell. As you can clearly see from above, I am Broken_Hell or if that is to long for you to pronounce than I suggest you just call me Valery or Val for short. Now, where do I start....

    ❖ The Search ❖
    It maybe an unusual request for others but I am currently searching for partners who are able to roleplay a Hentai styled Ero story with an overarching plot.  What I mean is that we basically cut the story in many different arcs with different characters that are centered around my character (Val).  The main beginning point will be my character getting used to the human realm. How we shape the story from then out will be up to us. Now in terms of erotic scenes, I would ask that we delve into more of the darker sides. This maybe my kinks talking, but you will soon see what I mean. I also love to add small Ecchi details to the scenes. If you have watched many Ecchi anime then you will know what I mean.


    ❖ My kinks & Limits ❖
    Overall Kinks: Ahegao, Use of Aphrodiacs, Condoms, Crotch sniffing, Foreplay, Interracial, Interspecies, Multiple orgasms, Potions/Injections, Sex toys, Stomach bulging, Strap-ons, Stuckage, Sweating, Teasing, Unusual cocks, Big cocks, Older/Younger characters, Dominant/Submissive men, Dominant/Submissive Futanari, Ageplay, Fisting, Fingering, Anal, Anal training, Pegging, Rimming, Cervix penetration, Vaginal, Clit play, Squirting, Cunnilingous, Ass-to-Mouth, Face fucking, Face sitting, French-kissing, Throat penetration, Bukkake, Creampie, Cum bath, Unusual sperm, Double/Triple penetration, Gangbanging, Somnophilia, Cheating, Cuckolding, Consensual, Dub-con, Noncon, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Horror, Incest, Hotdogging, Titfucking, Begging, Blackmail, Use of Drugs/Alcohol, Corrution, Degradation, Dirty Talking, Humiliation, Femdom, Being Dominated, Mind control, Powerbottom, Public, Outdoor, Light bdsm, Biting, Bloodplay, Hair pulling, Hardcore/rough sex, Spanking, Branding/Marking, Body-writing, Impregnation, Anal pregnancy and Breeding.

    Overall Limits: Watersports, Scat, Transformations, Hyper growth (Human), Heavy bondage, Very young characters and Heavy bondage.

    ❖ Overall Description ❖
    Full name: Valerina Anon
    Nickname(s): Val / Shortstack
    Age: Unknown (Demon) / 18 (Human)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mixed Demon (Succubus/Reaper)
    Occupation: Various
    Home: Hellrim, the Demonic Realm
    Height: 5'1 / 155 cm
    Weight: 42 kg
    Hair color: Haze purple
    Eye color: Dark purple
    Skin color: Porcelain
    Body type: Mesomorph
    Breast cup: E




    ❖ Personality ❖
    Overall Personality: Val is a kind and calm young woman who's always eager to learn more as her curiocity tends to take her into rough situations. In terms of sex, she is seen to be quite knowledgable about sexual intercourse as she isn't afraid to show her more lustfilled side. When not into it, she either shows no interest at all or she's just busy planning what to do after she's done. In battle, she can be quite fearsome as her whole persona changes into a mad dog. She doesn't show much compassion to her enemies as she just want to get them done and over with.
    Likes: BBQ, Meat, Soda, Hanging out with friends, Meeting people, Gaming, Sex, Winning and Going home.
    Dislikes: Candy, Bitter foods, Being alone for a long period, Being backstabbed, Sex, Losing and the Demon lord.

    ❖ Powers & Abilities ❖
    - Mana Clothing: Like the symbiote from Venom, her clothing seem to have a mind of it's own but controlled by Val as it is her magic materialized to be around her exterior body. It may not seem very much, but her clothing is her only source of magic since the human realm doesn't know the concept of magical energy so she will have to generate it on her own. She may bend it into any sort/type of clothing ranging from pants to skirt and sweaters. She isn't able to change it's colors, so black it is.

    - Reaper Form: Inherited from her father's side. She's able to fully change her mana suitable to look like a reaper. She is dressed to be fully cloaked and hidded from the eyes of her enemies. In this form, she is able to summon her personal scyte which she uses as her primary weapon to attack enemies. A good feature is her connection to the Underworld, since it only accepts other Reapers as her.


    - Succubus Body: Inherited from her mother's side. Her bodily fluids has a hint of aphrodisiac effects. An invincible scent that covers her environment when she either is sweating, bleeding or even squirting. These effects help increase other's sexual desires, forcing them to be either get brainwashed to their own lust or go haywire. It is reported that she must be very careful in big areas.

    ❖ Her Story ❖
    Val is known to be a taboo child within the demon realm as she is the child of demons from different factions. Her father, a reaper of the underworld and her mother, a succubus who claims victims in her lust. After her birth, she was already being kept away from the peering eyes of the Demon Lord and His Generals. No one could truly say what the actual reason was that mixed demons couldn't be born but a few rumors stated that the Demon Lord feared his position being stolen by these taboo creatures. It may not seem so yet, but Val is regarded as a powerful demon since she has inherited both her parent's powers. As per reason, she was deemed to be taken and casted out of the demon realm to ensure the Lord's safety. It didn't take long until she was captured. Next she knew, she was sent out of the realm as an outcast and forced to live a life in the human realm. 

    ❖ Thank you's ❖
    Oh! You've made it to the end of my post. I hope that it was informative about my true self and the reasoning why I've joined this site.
    I wish you a good day onwards and I hope to form a benificial and potential partnership with you. See you!

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    12 hours ago, Broken_Hell said:

    How much do you write usually? I do accept a minimum of about 5 lines. 

    Typically 1 or two depending on what needs to be described. In fairness most rps I wind up doing turns to smut so little need to go into more detail

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