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  • A day at the water park (F looking for M, Futa, tentacle monster?)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hi! This Rp is going to take place while my character (Emily) is having a fun day at a waterpark! (There will be a link to my reference character at the bottom). Here are a few scenerios we can go off, and the option will always be available to create your own! (Age will be your preference between 10 and 19 for my character!) You can be a male, futa, or even a mysterious tentacle monster i somehow find, or you take me! Here are the liat of ideas i have!  

    1: a sweet, seductive man

    My character meets your character and its an instant connection, both romantically and sexually and it doesnt take long for them to find an empty bath house to entangle themselves together in. 

    2: you and your friends see me all alone and decide to come take care of me. This may lead to a consenting or forced gangbang (to which i love both so your preference!) 

    3: while walking to or from the water park, a stranger comes and offers me a ride. I am oblivious to the danger and accept the ride. However. We do not go to my destination, and i wind up back at your place where you or many men are waiting for me. 

    4: make your own and suggest it!  

    First model:


    Second younger model:


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