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    You: Ruler of hell, knights, any staff

    Me: Neices, Neices Mother, any female staff

    Note: I'm ok with roleplaying with any gender, but I'm always submissive.

    It was rare to see plant life and luscious grass inside hell. However your brother had stolen it all from Earth. He used his demonic powers to turn this land into a beautiful garden for his daughters to play in. There were pools of water and all kinds of plants. His daughters were obsessed with the human world so they acted more like humans than they did demons. This would be very obvious when you first entered the garden and saw your niece playing on a tire swing. Her demonic blood still ran strong, as she dressed in scandalous human outfits. Shes the first you will meet of meny. Each of the girls dressed differently or else you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. They all had one thing in common, they were all sluts in disguise. They pretend to be cute and innocent, yet their close reveil the truth. Now they were yours. Whatever will you do with them.

    Alternative versions:

    You could be the demon king loyal knight, given the dead brothers kingdom.

    You could be the leader of the rebels, who disagree with the kings enthusiasm with the human world and take this opportunity to overthrow the kingdom, leaving the queen and princesses at your disposal.

    You could play as the Ruler of Hell and his Knight, who test out the girls one by one and keep the ones you like.

    You could be the princesses' trusted knight, who finds out their uncle has abandoned them. You protect them from the rebels in return for their bodies.

    Note: Feel free to suggest your own alternative versions. And I dont mind you using this plot with other partners. 


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    Consider me interested~


    I have male, female and futa demons to offer. Some more gentle on their nieces than others. 😉 Perhaps I might even play as some dreaded enemy of Hell, a ruthless warrior who takes the brother's home for himself, making them his captives and concubines? Just let me know what you find sexiest in a partner, and we can make something delicious.



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    All three of those are a-ok with me. I find it sexy when my partner is dom and not afraid to play the villain. If you like the idea of having a more gentle character, then you can pick out a more gentle futa knight to accompany the mad king.

    Feel free to dm me with a pic of the characters and your first impression as you travel the forbidden kingdom created by your brother. Your journey with start with the view of the disgusting human village and demon being forced to act human. The villagers wear collars to seal away their demonic powers and they beg you to slaughter what's left of the royal family. Then you and your knight will climb the wall, so you dont have to deal with your nieces loyal army hanging over you. And you will have your first encounter with the lovely niece on the swing. 

    Note: you can stray from this path if you want, I'm not gonna control your characters. This is just the easy route I have planned out. Should you choose ride right up to the palace things with get more complicated, involving the family's guards and in which case you may want a 3rd party member of your choice. 


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