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    Okay got another plot idea though this one is loosely based off a manga I rather enjoyed but the story will go very differently overall. 

    Okay then, so onto the idea I had in mind for the plot. So you see my character one day got involved in a terrible accident leaving his body mangled, broken and completely burned. He spent the better half of a year in a hospital the whole time in coma. Do to this he has no clue what a doctor has been doing to him, slowly changing his appearance to give him a face and body similar to a picture of a girl he holds in his wallet. The doctor has already changed his face to be like her. He has also give him breasts, butt and hip implants to give him the same figure as her. The only thing he has yet to remove is his penis thankfully. My character wakes up, realizes what happened to him and runs away before the doctor can finish the change. Though after escaping the hospital he runs into the girl he's been changed to look like, what will her reaction be? 

    Okay so I'd like you to play the girl my character has been changed to look like and would like to have you take him in.

    Possible ideas for what your character could possibly be in relation to my character just throwing out some ideas.

    A girl from his High School or College that he has a crush on.

    An Pop Idol or Model that my character fallen in love with. 

    A Waitress at a Cafe that my character always visits.

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