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  • A Scandalous Affair: Cheating Roleplay! (M4Femme)

    Hellooo EcchiDreams! I'm looking for a femme partner to write a cheating roleplay with! Specifically looking to write a long-term romance roleplay that involves my character and your character meeting in some setting and falling in love, while both of us have significant others. How it plays out is totally up to the writing and where we go, and I'm not picky on setting or how we go about it! 

    My only request is for literate roleplay - you don't have to be some perfect being of writing (as we all make mistakes, and I'm definitely not one to have that kind of standard!) but I'd like fairly competent writing and paragraph-length replies at the very least. 

    Anything else is totally up for discussion! We can do shorter replies or we can go for long, really detailed interactions - it's up to you! Send me an EcchiTexts and let's figure something out. 

    Just to be clear, we can definitely add more fetishes and ideas to this concept, I just want to do some dirty cheating in a writing setting.~ 

    If you're wondering if you count as femme, I'm just looking for someone with a more effeminate style of talking and writing and/or someone willing to play a female character! 

    Thanks for checking this out! 💕

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