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    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I'd like a partner that is just as big on detailed writing as I am. For me details just get the creative juices flowing and the story ends up coming alive for me which can be quite exhilarating, if you know what I mean.  😉 I'm open minded so pretty much anything kinky tickles my fancy and I only have a few hard no's. I'll go ahead and post them here... 


    No golden showers

    No scat

    No murder or final ends for my character

    No godmoding

    Other than these things, let your mind wander and let yourself be free when writing with me. I can do either public RP post or private ones, I prefer the private ones because it is easier to keep track of what I've replied to and who I still owe a reply to. With all that said, I will go ahead and post my ideas for you all to enjoy and choose from. Let me know which you crave most, or just send me an idea of your own or we can come up with something together. I wont have many ideas to start with as I'm new to the site, so bare with me please.


    Idea One: Doctor's Orders - Set in the 1800's my character is a young lady who has been diagnosed as frantic. Now, what she really has is a type of social anxiety disorder but when she starts having panic attacks she is considered hysterical.  She is considered to be too young to have this so her parents send her to the local doctor to be treated, ensuring her a clean bill of health so that her father can start matching potential suitors for his daughter. However the treatment is a little unorthodox, it requires my character to visit your characters office at least once a day until she no longer feels anxiousness. Once behind closed doors she is to lay on the examination table, spread her legs under her petticoat and await the doctor to perform, which he does by lifting her skirts and fondling her womanhood; bringing her to climax. She enters his office a young timid girl but after a months time or so, she becomes addicted to his treatment and he ends up fancying her as well. He ends up taking advantage of this situation, telling her parents that he sees no change in her disease and he needs to further his treatments. Which ends up being something a lot farther than finger banging his patient to orgasm, it requires him actually fucking her. Only he ends up becoming addicted to her as well, he can either continue under the rouse of treatment or he can come clean to wanting her and propose marriage to her father so she has no choice but to accept his hand and become his wife. Once she is under his roof, he owns her and can make her do anything he wishes; which he does and starts off by beginning to train her as an obedient wife. Making her remain naked in his prescence, getting her used to his constant touching when HE desired so, and basic submissive training to be his slave wife.


    Idea Two: Losing Faith - A young girl just turned 19 and her father who is a self proclaimed spiritualist sets out to save his daughter from the evils of the world and make her into an obedient future wife for his best friend's son. He takes his daughter to the country home of his friend, where they lock her up in the barn and her future father in law begins to train her into becoming his son's wife. He uses her for his own pleasure though, making her submit to this new life; he then gifts her to his son who then takes up the reigns in making her his wife and sex slave.


    Idea Three: Space Project 101 - NASA is in need of Volunteers for a few programs in outer space, to the public they give very little details with the promise of lots of money. They are in need of two men and two women, once they do background checks and run physicals on each person, that is when they make their choices. The two couples are then brought to a military facility to be debriefed, there is when they recieve multiple strains of vaccinations due to their change in environment once they leave earth. They are also pumped with drugs that make them more susceptible to their surroundings and things needed to be performed by them. They also recieve mind altering drugs and hypnosis to make them easier controlled and be able to handle the isolated life for a while during studies. What they dont realize is this "program" is actually privately funded by an elite who is curious and experimental and also in contact with an extraterrestrial species that has a high sex drive and wants to use humans to help populate their world. Once the volunteers are programmed, they are sent into space and are encouraged to become comfortable with one another and free. This sets up the story for a lot of sex and foreplay, fast forward to when they reach the foreign planet and they are greeted by aliens who mask themselves to look like the humans, they show them to their facility and are studied. The air in their facility styled homes are being constantly pumped with erotisized gas causing them to be constantly sexually energized. They are studied having relations with each other and then are introduced to having sex with the aliens to create life for them. Basically being held captive to be breeding machines in space.


    Idea Four: Army Brat - My character comes from a long line of soldiers, so from a very early age she has always wanted to follow in their footsteps. She finally comes of age, she is 19 and newly enlisted, it's during a time of war so she is drafted. During her deployment, the soldiers try to find different ways to entertain their selves, one of them being initiation of the newcomers. A group targets my character since she is a woman, they are young and horny. They find an abandoned warehouse and one night they blindfold and kidnap her out of her barracks, bringing her to the warehouse. This is where they begin to cut her clothes off and touch her, telling her that if she wants to be accepted she will not fight their advances and most importantly to keep her mouth shut.


    Idea Five: The Courts Princess - In the 1900's the King and Queen graced their kingdom with a beautiful daughter and son, he would be the heir to the throne and the princess was to be educated and married off to create an alliance for peace once she was groomed to the liking and approval of the King and Queen. The heir was tutored in court life as well as in the yard with the swords, while Anne the princess was kept isolated. Ever under the watchful eye of the royal adversary Petyr, an older slender tall man with dark hair and eyes, he was calculating and underneath his cunning was a dominant wild beast. He longed for the princess, watching her grow and develop into a woman. He approaches the king for his daughter's hand but he is turned away and laughed at, a princess should marry that of a man worth her stature. Petyr doesnt like being told no, so he poisons the King and Queen leaving the children parentless. He fixes it so that he is in charge of governing the children, placing Dorian on the throne as planned and keeping Anne for himself. Turning her into his personal play toy.

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