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    1—Too scared to sleep alone: Lately she had been getting ugly nightmares that wouldn't let her sleep alone, she tried going to her mom's room but she was a sound sleeper and it wasn't much of a comfort to share bed with her for even if she woke up to hug her she wouldn't last more than a few minutes awake. And so she decided to go to sleep with her brother whom would stay awake singing for her until she fell asleep. Little did she know that the cause for her nightmares where she sees a demon standing ovver her bed was now sleeping next to her.

    2—Girl Scouts of the Deep Web: "Big brother said that if I helped him out he would help me with some badges!" "After I helped him with some Sex. Ed. Homework he said that he had connections with a secret girl scout network! He even showed me a site where thy gather to talk! He said that they appoint an older person, generally a relative, and try to get this secret badges by doing some fun games, I'm so excited!" "I just wish some of my girl scout friends or sisters could join us ... Oh well, brother says he can think of something to make them participate, let's hope it works!"

    3—Puberty is very awkward: [Hoping for a watamote like story] All began with a few accidents... Well, a lot of accidents, clumsy embarrassing situations that seem to have come from a cheap porn movie. First there was the time he entered the bathroom and found her shaving her pubes with an  unlocked door; then the time where she had  accidentally sat over his phone when playing games at his room and the damn thing vibed for half an hour due to an alarm, when she left the phone stopped working from how soaked it was; then the time she had accidentally sendt him nudes (although her face didn't show the room in the back was recognisable), the time at the train packed with people where they were pressed to a wall (and she couldn't stay still, always rubbing due to the train), or that time where she had no panties to wear and used his underwear which he ended finding out due to an accidental trip, or the next day where she wore no underwear to school (for the same reason and fear of being found out wearing his again) and he obviously noticed more than once, and the random dildo time, the soaking shirt time, the clumsy twister game time, and so on... The thing is, it took a lot of weird moments before something really happened between her and her brother, but before  he did a move she'd been all this time fantazising what would have happened on each of this situations.

    [Alternatively/additionally, he could've secretly had taken advantage of her after each event, from voyeurism and sleep play to straight up rape (With her enjoying it) while keeping his anonimity and her wishing it was him each time.]

    4—He went too far: It's been a while since it started, at first she took it as innocent brushes or small accidents, but after a while she realized what it was going on. She tried to stop it with words but it didn't go her way and so she let it be hoping he would stop, maybe he did for a while but it kept happening and at thispoint she was too afraid,   ashamed or feeling complicit to tell anyone so she kept silent and let it happen, he would get bored one day, right? (Or maybe she secretly started to like it, and the expectation of not knowing what would happen next kept her from saying anything, she could stop him when it went too far she told herself)

    5—Twins help each other and share their stories: Exploring ones body was a normal thing for a teen, and for soe close a pair of twins like them it was natural they'd experiment together. Nothing went too far just yet, but each had a secret plan, a gift for their next birthday night. But for the meanwhile they enjoyed doing together whatever a teen would do alone like watching porn, masturbating or exploring their bodies, that and the sharing of fantasies and stories.
    [We can stay some time at this stage (I prefer avoiding the origin of their relationship), do the birthday event and then see what they tell each other of their fantasies/sex adventures at school]

    6—The Yim Yang twin sisters:  They couldn't be more different one from the other, a bratty cheersleader modelwannabe and a nerdy gamer introvertive, from their  early years they've been at their throats and now he, their brother, got involved on their little wars for one is a vengeful manipulative bitch and the other a cold headed scheming sociopath, and they both know of his little dirty secret: He's crazy for both. What they didn't know is that he got involved on purpose and while he helps one or the other he always tries to get some benefit out of both, he may be their minion and play thing but that was his game all along as most of the conflicts came from his direct intervention.
    7—Bossy/ drunk sister/addict sister:
    A) Coming drunk one night and being her and her brother alone she decided to abuse him more than usual, ordering him around making him do her chores by threatening him until it stopped amusing her and she decided that it would be fun to take the nerd's virginity. (Alternatively she assumed so but this wasn't his first time)
    B) She always asked him for money for her drugs with dumb excuses as he was easy to manipulate, however once getting tired of her bullshit he denied her. After a few days without her fill and at the edge of selling their house stuff or going robbing she tried once more with her brother, which he was expecting, what he didn't expect was her offer of doing him some "Services" for the money she owed him.
    C) Finding his sister half naked and half asleep and intoxicated on her room he decided to have some fun, and if things came to blow he decided to play blackmail, after all their parents would be furious if they found about her addiction (Be it alcohol or drugs)

    8—Let Oneechan take care of everything: As the oldest sister, she appointed herself to take care of her brother's (Be it slightly or quite younger than her)  needs after he had been beentemporarily crippled im am umfortunate accident. This was, although she tried to deny it, out of her sick imterest on her brother (or younger boys) and so, it didn't take long before a bathing session came a little too far... 

    9—My bratty sister's secret diary: Annoyed of her unsufferable behaviour and he ease with which she gets all she wants he decided to get his vengeance and steal her diary. What he didn't expect was to find a list of sexual fantasies there, least of all his name appearing in many of them. So, deciding that give her all she ever wanted as it was common for her, he decided to fullfill her wishes which included being stalked, molested, raped and many more dark fantasies that he was more than willing to help her with.

    10—Sister and daughter: Once her husband died she had momentarely fallen into alcoholism and a lonely night decided to vent her fristration and desire on her teenage son's sleeping body. This kept happening until the first signs of pregnancy showed up and months later her new daughter was born. Everyone believed the lie that she was her husband's daughter, after all  it worked out, but she knew he became steryle not long before his death/her bedroom was cold for months before he died. Years passed and for some reason (2) her son found out and since then he developed some twisted interest on the girl...

    11——Girls these days know more than they should: Be it an early development, curious interest or grooming, she at her age shouldn't know and do what she does, such a list of kinks, folders of porn and collection of sex related "souveniers" shouldn't be amongst her things. The thing is, she decided that it was time to advance to the next stage, but before she needed a few test subjects and who better than her brother (and maybe sisters) whom she'd be "Fullfilling his dreams" after all?

    Caring Sister: A simple prompt, the caring and sweet sister finds out her brother had been using her panties and pics to masturbate, when she confronts him she can't remain mad and ends up deciding to help him out (Thinking this would end his interest on her or that it was her fault he was this way somehow)

    My sister has a handicap: Not much of a description here, the girl has a/some disability of sorts and he takes advantage of it/them (Blind, paraplegic,  in a comma, mute, deaf, e.g. Nunnally from Code Geass)

    (1)—Slightly connected to the Father and Daughter ERP: Some discipline and a show of power.
    (2)—Directly connected to the Mother and son ERP: Out of Control.



    Father and Daughter:


    Some Discipline and a show of power: This past month the youngest of his daughters had been an annoyance for the house staff and guests, why couldn't she be so obedient like her older sister? Ah, such a good girl, she didn't say no or fight when he took her the first time, she just complied and asked if she was doing well... Oh, doesn't matter, he had a plan for her next birthday, one that would keep his company's investors on good terms, teach the stuff and guests  that he was above the and teach that brat a good lesson all in one go.

    The replacement: "Mom died afew years back, ever since daddy it's been more caring, he caresses me more, dresses and washes me even though I know how tto do it and even let's me sleep with him every night. He also it's been teaching me new things, once I asked him he said that he wanted to teach me to become a good wife to which I told him that I didn't want to be someone's wife unless it was papa, to which he said he'd love to marry me when I get old enough! So, ever since I am trying to be the best wife for daddy, even if some things hurt a bit... But he told me those things are important for if I do them well we can have a baby! I really really want a new sister!"

    Time travel Paradox: What does a mad scientist once he finally creates a time machine? Accidentally rape his grandmother in the past and impregnate her with his own mother of course! Then when he finds out about this he... Well, he decides that if someone was going to kidnap his mother and  be his absent dad, who better than himself? Yeah, that explains why he's so twisted on the head, wouldn't it?

    A breeding family: Simple, two strangers with the same kind of twisted mind met, liked each other and after finding a secluded place formed their life and had their first children. The plan was, of course, to groom them and wait until they have a certain age to reap what they sowed with some good family fun and at home advanced Sex. Ed.
    [Alternatively they are already relatives or can be the result of incest already and were just following the tradition]

    Mother and Son:


    Out of control: It's not a secret, my mom is a nympho, I knew it for a while, her and my diseased father did it every single day and more than once if possible. My neighbours knew it, my sister's probably knew it, hel I spied on them once or twice, they did a good show... But the show ended when my dad died of a heartattack (and yes, in the middle of sex none the less) so that's when I thought my fun would end, but...
    She is out of control, a week after he died I've caught her masturbating more than thrice, she tries to advance on our neighbour (who's a damn priest!) and I'm sure she's been  streaming some masturbating sessions.
    The best (sorry, worst part...) Is that she's been getting an eye on me... The looks she gives me and slips of the tongue are too obvious... And... Wait? I don't remember... Was I that tired yesterday? I don't even remember going to sleep... Now that I think about it these last days I've been waking up feeling drain... Don't tell me she's... Oh hell, I need to get her under control... And I just know how.... (*)

    —Taking care of her son's education (in every single aspect...): He's in that age isn't he?... Hmmm wasn't Freud who said getting an interest on their mothers was normal? My underwear has been missing and he got difficult... And then there were those sites on his history, all about "Milfs" and incest... Oh poor child... He's probably confused... I guess it's because Sex Ed., I bet those teachers aren't doing it right... It's a mother's duty to get her son in the right path... I should confront him when he locks up on his room and maybe teach him some stuff... Theory and practice...

    [Alternatively, she might have found out that all her friend's sons lost their virginity already and afraid he'd be seen as a loser she decided to take hands in the matter hiring a prostitute, sadly she was an amateur and seeing how badly she was doing she decided to teach both how to do this properly]

    Uncle and Niee:


    Easy Cash!! need money, not to pay a debt, to buy something very necessary or for living, you just want easy money for nothing more than to buy pretty stuff and show off at school. Luckily for you, you have an uncle, and a horny one to boot, that you once found out kept some of your underwear and some pics of you under his bed. He also has a part time job he does from home and has more money than he needs by your account. Perfect! All you need to do is offer him some pics, maybe a sneak peek or even some innocent brushing and ta-da! Instant money. That was what you thought, but after a week of this he's going out of control, he got too friendly with the touching and bargains for every price you set, so, now it's time to threaten him with showing your parents the pics and underwear, that'd do to put him in his place (or so you thought...)

    One can't even die in peace... Life sucks the most, period. Well, people, they suck more. Your parents don't care about you, your brother is a pricj and worse of all, the last straw even, your uncle started brushing and molesting you. Nobody cares so, why tell? That's it, you decided to end your life after so many years threatening to do so you decide to take some pills and end it all. And that's how you find yourself, sprawling on the floor half an empty bottle of random pills nearby, half asleep staring to the ceiling when he appeared... Your uncle... Finally got what he wanted before it ended, oh well, who cares... You... Feel part of it, it's not that bad actually?... Well maybe the pills make it so... What a shame... It all goes black as you get your first climax and... A hospital room? What? Shit... Shit indeed! So, not only it failed and you had to go through some therapy and shit you find yourself being handed over to your uncle who not only sued your parents but also somehow was appointed your legal tutor... That's... Ugh, whatever, you could try again... But... Well... That didn't feel that bad in the end... Maybe... Yeah, with some pills maybe you could enjoy it, right?...

    Aunt and Nephew:


    My aunt is jealous: After years of trying, my aunt could never have a son, she got some daughters yes, but her husband seemed to not have what it was needed, so, by what my mom tells me, she all but adopted me since I was a kid  and always fought over me, that's how we grew so close together. It was all fun and games (and making my mother mad) until that little interest on having a son showed it's true nature: Having a son was only half of the matter, she also had a secret vendetta on my mother for stealing her botfriend (and my future father) long ago, and so, at the day of my birthday (which actually coincided with my mother's) she decided to give us both a present by "stealing me" and forcing my mom to watch and participate... Honestly, I should be the victim here, but this is too fun to complain.


    Cuddling with my Auntie: After she got in a nasty fight with her husband, my aunt came to stay at our home with  my mother. It's been a few days and between sobbing and emotional support from all of us she got better but it'd be some time until she leaves it seems. One night....

    A) She comes at my room unannounced on her "pajamas" (really just a shirt and underwear) and got on my bed to watch a movie...

    B) Similar to A) but she texts me over to hee room.

    C) We set a movie night when all alone at home at the living room with blankets, hot chocolate and a nice sofa...

    Between teasing and jokes we she ends up at one point (be it romantic or sexy) she asks teasingly if we should kiss, not wanting to show weakness I accept her challenge wanting to make her back down but... None of us did... Between one thing and anotherz cuddling tightly, she also offered me to switch the move for something more "fun and sexy".

    My mother's twin: Few are those who can distinguish from my mother and aunt, so, once I found my father kissing (and later on doing more than kissing) my aunt I didn't blame him, after all she was acting as if she was my mom. However I did confront my aunt, and...  Well, blackmail backfired and now I'm the one being threatend for "voyeurism" and from using her underwear to masturbate, when I called her of a liar she just took off her panties and decided to teach me a few things about partial truths.
    This would be a strange and kinky story all by itself if I din't end up knowing that my mom also liked playing these kind of games and they in fact knew of one another's games (as they even told one another) and now... Well, being their favorite play thing isn't that bad... 



    Daring Game: It was a damn hot summer, a boring one at our grandparent's house, so, at night when all the elders were doing their stuff, we decided to play a few games and drink some secret alcohol. By we I mean me and my cousin (s) [As many as it would be fun, either a bunch of males and a female, a bunch of girls and one male or a mixed group[ games that ended going out of control, in a good (or bad) way (maybe for everyone or maybe just for a few,)

    Arranged "Relationship": When my aunt said we were so close that we'd end up marrying when kids (things we replied with a hell no), I didn't expect this... All these years she had been secretly instructing my cousin to become as clise to me as possible, the reason: My father's company. WHat seemed like a nice friendship and awkard and guilty  exploration once we were teens turned out to be a long plot to either make her my wife in all but name (and maybe even finding a way to make it so) or blackmail me if I didn't go along. So, once I found out the day my dad died and I got his company (day of grief, which made me furious) I comfronted them. Turns out her younger daughter and even her were in the menu, she offfered this since a scandal wouldn't benefit both branches of the family... At the end, after some talk and a hot cup of coffee, a peaceful agreement seemed the best option.

    Make the useless bimbo work: After a year of having his annoying cousin living with him not helping in the least with the rent or the house chores, he exploded. The bad thing is, he was bad with words, and at the end he found himself "thrown off" from home and drinking at a bar until things cooled down. The thing is, the bar closed kinda late and he drank more than he could manage, also, he had a few talks about his troubles with some shady people who gave him some shady ideas. So, when he reached home, finding his cousin lying in bed with a stranger (Thing they had agreed not to allow at the house) he couldn't help himself. First he knocked off the guy (thing he couldn't have done without some alcohol in his veins and the guy half surpised and naked) and then he decided to finish what the man started. At the next day, with the confidence of whom had just avenged and vented a year of misstreatment offeredhis cousin two options: The streets or paying her part of the rent by working with her body.


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    Hi! I love incest especially brotherxsister and I would love to try either idea 1 or 5 in the siblings ideas if your up for it.

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