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    This is such an embarassing thing to ask for, and honestly I'm feeling quite ahsamed to do so.

    Some years ago I was reading Hentai mangas and came across a plot that was very unique. The main characters were students in medicine, and the heroine was a scientific genius with a  strong libido. She did a bunch of sexual experiments to the poor guy, and one of them was a pill that managed to swap people's gender.


    I am looking for a female partner to erp a smiliar plot, where she'll be a scientist and invent something that swaps our genders, without swapping our bodies, meaning, she will be playing as a boy and I will be playing as a girl. honestly, the ex-girl will be interested in my body, and decide to "test it" for "himself". Of course, I'll be rping as a virgin (at least when swapped) so don't be rude or too aggressive towards maid lover chan, she'll be shy and nervous, most certainly.

    I'm unbelievably shy and get easily nervous and flustered, so I really prefer when the partner takes the lead. This is STRICTLY required for this specific erp, I've never erped with a man, and I just have no idea what to do with a dick, am I supposed to bite it? I'll certainly be very embarassed and will need to be guided a bit, because I won't most likely know what to do. This doesn't mean that sub and dom must be involved, it just means that I need a partner who can be patient and help me, someone who takes the initiative.

    In any case, please be gentle with me at all times, this is something I'm not used to, and honestly, it scares me a bit.


    How the swap happens is completely up to you, it's honestly indifferent to me, as long as it's something not too complicated.

    we can also switch back after sex, will I be the one taking the lead this time? or I'll be topped again? who knows.


    Hope to hear from you soon.

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