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  • Apocalyptic Roleplay

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Roleplay set about 2 years after an apocalyptic event. This can be zombies, demonic or even just natural disasters if you have an idea please share, if not let's discuss.

    There are number or ERP themes that we can incorporate here or it can be a clean story, either is fine.

    1. Examples of ideas the survivors in this world band together to get to a safe haven and in which there are numerous obstacles to overcome.

    2. My character is kidnapped by a group or individual and is stripped of all survival equipment. Is then dragged with the group as a worker in a work camp and has to escape with the help of another camp member (Your character)

    2.1. Similar to 2 but instead of a camp member you play one of the people that either kidnap my character or run the work camp. This leads to blackmail or extortion in return for either increased work ethic from my character or something ERP'y if you prefer. The camp is then overrun and the two have to learn to survive together. 

    More ideas to follow if you have an idea please feel free to share it. 

    If an ERP element is to be involved I enjoy dominant partners, passionate/possessive sex. Throat grabbing, hair pulling being shown who the boss is. Please note I am not into Non Con, blackmail or extortion still gives the character a choice "Do as your told or I'll expose your secret" etc. An act of manipulation rather than force. Thank you 🙂

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