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  • At the Onsen

    At the local onsen in Japan, there was a business retreat of three Japanese salarymen relaxing after a busy month. They were sitting in the water talking about how stressful work had been. Their boss Hiro began to shift the conversation towards how his work life had led to troubles at home and how his wife had not been servicing him. Dai was the young newcomer to the company and barely had anytime outside of work to date and find a wife. The third man being in his 30s, Kaito was just trying to get by and hopefully save enough money for himself to one day start his own business so he could be the boss. Hiro had bought each of them a beer so they could really relax. Sitting in the warm water to let their worries cool off in the steamy water. They hadn't kept an eye on the clock as soon enough the facilities had begun to empty out even as they continued to chatter. Eventually a beauty] slipped out from the mist and  sat on the farside of the hot pool. Immediately all their eyes had gone to her. Hiro nudged Kaito as if their eyes weren't already focused on her. Hiro would stand up as they watched her sitting by herself and made his way over. Curious to what the boss had in mind Kaito followed after and Dai copied. Hiro standing up over the lady as she sat in the water. "Evening miss. You here by yourself?" Hiro asked to strike up a conversation with her, his bulge semi apparent underneath his swimtrunks. Who knows what mischief this could lead to.

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