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  • Bunbunrose's Private RP Request w/ Plots (Updated plots: 4/25) (Seeking male characters)


    Hey there! At the time of writing this post I'm having trouble sleeping and figure typing out some potential plot ideas on the spot might do the trick.

    I will only do roleplays through EcchiText. Currently looking for partners with good energy to carry out and add to a plot. I average around 3-7 paragraphs with an honest attempt to write something easy to respond to aaand a pinch of frill for flare.

    Feel free to approach me with your own plot idead. I purposely leave my own plot ideas open to different possibilities.


    Not a large list I know. These are the ones at the top of my head I can see roleplaying, but I'm open to suggestions.

    B = My character

    Fire Emblen Fates: FemCorrin x Xander, FemCorrin x Your choice male

    Pokemon: OC x OC, OC x Pokemon

    Rune Factory: OC x OC

    Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: OC x OC

    Mortal Kombat 11: OC x Sub-Zero, OC x Raiden

    Harry Potter: Hufflepuff(OC) x Slytherin(OC) (( Loose plot idea for this ))

    [ Honor in Serving ] (Long roleplay length)

    Brave, strong, calculating, heroic. Elena Desrosiers was a mercenary by trade but lead a virtuous life by fufilling higher moral requests. Having good relations with the king of Hyll she has been specifically requested to be the personal guard the prince on his way to meet his future potential wife in a distant land.

    On their journey with a group of knights an unexpected incident arises causing Elena and the prince to be separated from the rest of the group. Unbeknownst to anyone Elena holds a heavily guarded secret. At midnight the usually calm and reserved woman becomes crazed with lust and a need to be filled. With the future king in need of guarding how can she protect him from the monsters who hunt at night?


    [ In Loving Arms ] (Long or short roleplay length)

    (( Note: Needs someone who is willing to play different main characters. ))

    In this modern world prostitution, brothels, and generally being sexually open is not seen with stigma. But Layla was born with a gentle heart. Much more timid and a dreamer to feel what love is like she goes through a different series of 'romances'. Each man having a different affect on the shape of her personality as time passes.


    [ Male Harem ]

    I don't even have a plot for this (yet!). My fantasy of a male harem is a tall order and I'd love to work on a great plot (or just straight smut) with someone.


    [ Treasure Chest Body ] (Long roleplay length)

    Dalia possessed two curses in life; being a living, breathing 'compass' for treasure and a terrible taste in men. After falling head-over-heels in love with the captain of a group of travelers their ship was ambushed by a notorious crew of pirates. In order for her life to be spared she must prove herself worthy of staying alive as well as fighting off growing affection for someone who may or may not get her killed.


    [ The Strength to Stand Beside You ] (Long length roleplay, prefer the ability to play multiple characters)

    Both of our characters share a history together (to be adjusted depending on characters). Whether good or bad they share a bond due to both being rare children with strange powers. With the government taking notice years later many of those with powers are gathered together in a school boarding house in order to be trained under watchful eyes. Some even going as far as undergoing secret missions.

    Another agenda is the hope to create more beings like them. Sexual and social encounters are encouraged. Many of the students have little to no experience interacting with peers their own age due to being shunned because of their unique abilities. The hope is that they learn about others and themselves for a better future.

    More plots soon!

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    I hope you find what you are looking for, bunbunrose! I admit, you sound a bit intimidating to RP with if your average reply is 3-7 paragraphs!

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