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  • Characters I'm eager to play as.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I have a list of characters I love and would love to be. They have pictures and setting connected to most of them. And each one can have a penis or vagina.

    1. Trash the possum.

    A grunge possum character who is a little down on herself. But likes to joke and have fun. Looking for any kind of partner for her. spacer.png

    2. Ember the demon

    Ember is a new demon sent to earth to tempt people. She isn't the best at her job. But she tries. Looking for wayward souls, angels, or people of the church.


    3. Cheri Cosmic

    Cheri is a former delivery driver turned space hero. She tends to dumb luck her way into saving the day. Looking for other space characters or aliens.


    Message me with any ideas you might have to play off of any of them. I'm always happy to RP with someone. 

    All art is by me. 



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