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    Hello All!~
    I am looking for either one or two people(group rp) whom can/will to the following:

    - Rp in the third person, past or present tense, whatever suit you.
    -Okay with rping with Original Characters (OCs)
    - Rp as fandom characters. All aged up 21+, so must be okay with AUs as well.
    - Rp as 3 characters at once. That or 4 - 5 at once, if you'd be up for it.
    - Is okay with Polyamory relationships and LGBTQ+ relationships
    - Write more then two lines for a reply
    - Able to reply three times a week.
    - Willing to do plotting/OOC chatting
    - Okay with violence, some light to mild gore
    -MUST be okay with ANGST(Unresolved trauma and the like) and Drama!
    - Smut is a must for me, not right away!(Unless stated otherwise.) but I like my rps to be 50/50 Story/Smut or 60/40.
    -Okay with Liquor/Alcohol consumption and Smoke both regular and 420

    (Some) Rules:
    - No smut right away
    -Be kind to me, and I'll be kind right back.

    Oral [Receiving and Giving.]
    Threesomes & Foursomes
    Dirty talk (Both parties)
    Lots of foreplay
    Gentle scratching
    Hair pulling
    Leaving Mark's
    Good Aftercare
    Toy (Vibrators, Cock rings ect.) usage
    Light bondage
    Light body worship
    [Several more. Ask if you'd like to know more]

    - My Hero Academia/BNHA (AU of course! Everyone must be 21+)
    Charas I'd like:
    (Please Note. Everyone On this list is aged up! 21+!!)
    Kaminari Denki
    Todoroki Shoto
    Bakugou Katsuki
    Midoriya Izuku
    Kirishima Eijirō
    Monoma Neito
    Shinsō Hitoshi
    Amajiki Tamaki
    Takami Keigo
    Mirio Togata
    Hanta Sero

    ~ Okay so for this rather shortish SMUT rp. I am looking for someone who rps as Aged up MHA/BNHA characters. This idea has been buzzing in my brain as of late. I'd very very much like to do it. ~
    My OC has had a LONG and hard week at work. Having to pull lots of overtime. Lots of paperwork and things of the like. Also big big bosses come down for an inspection. Which is of course passed, but still. YIKES. As such, my OC is drained and just done. Knowing that the week had been a rough one for her. The boys decided to make her next day off an amazing and well deserved one. Cooking her favorite foods and or taking her out to her favorite restaurants. Letting her have a movie marathon of her favorites(Disney Geek!~). Running her a nice hot bubble bath. Then "spoiling" her. Spoiling being fucking her senseless while using some of her absolute favorite kinks(listed above) on her. I am more then willing to make this rp, a longer one. However the first bit of the rp needs to happen first.

    My OC: 
    Name: Lumina Raymond Belle Cabezut - Gin
    Nicknames: Ray(she prefers to be addressed by this name)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 23
    Quirk: None she is quirkless.
    Info: Ray is dispatcher so to speak. At (Whomever three heros you want to be) agency. She is a dispatcher of sorts. If you have ever seen Criminal Minds. Think Penelope, that's what she is. Someone who can get info in a flash, and dispatch and other more clerical/technical things of the like. She helps out a lot with finishing up reports. Also when the hero's are bored and patrol is quiet, she will happily chatter away with them. Sometimes she'll even read a book to them. She always makes sure they have lunch. She often brings extra food, and whomever couldn't bring a lunch she will happily share. Everyone at the building likes her. She'll occasionally be a sparring partner as well. As she is quite well versed in several fighting styles. She's is in a polyamorous relationship with (whomever three heros you want to be) going on 1 1/2 years now.

    Tattoos: She had 4 tattoos. One being a treble clef behind her right ear and a base clef behind her left ear. One over her heart, it's a large valentine shaped heart. It's covered in stitches with blood dripping from it's bottom tip. A bullet is lodged into one side, a knife up to it's hilt in the other. Barbwire is wrapped around it to. Above that, in a simple banner, in bold black, old english script is one word. BEWARE. The fourth and final tattoo is of a large rainbow tye-dye rose, which encircles her belly button. Coming off of it, on both sides are wines with thorns. They go around her entire waist.

    LOOKS: (This is her in her outside attire. At work she wears collared polo shirts and slacks and or neatly pressed khaki pants.)
    Pic of My OC


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