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    I'm Jay, and as I said in my intro, I'm just looking for some fun here. A lil bit about me. I work a full time job and do enjoy a bit of gaming from time to time. If you want to know more feel free to ask me. Now onto the stuff you are all here for.


    I am mostly looking for some smutty fun here. I am open to playing against a Male, Female or Futa. I am very open to just about any idea.




    When it comes to rp, I'm very laid back. I tend to keep my posts around 1-3 paragraphs and at the very least semi literate. We are all adults here so I don't think this is asking for too much. Now onto my interests... I am pretty open to about anything! I prefer to keep all my rps on site.


    Kinks and Interests


    Ahhh now the good stuff you're all here for, right? I'll tell you that I am extremely submissive first and foremost. I really have no desire to play a dominant role, but I could be convinced to play a switch. Anything else not there you can feel free to ask. Worst Ican say is no. 


    My favorite thing to play, hands down, is a shortstack, goblins being my favorite. I also have a strong affinity towards Anthros and Monstergirls, though I will play just about anything if the idea is interesting to me. 


    I do have an f-list linked here for more in depth kinks and the like.



    The big reason I've redone this search thread. I am on such a kick after binging season 2 that I have no desire other than an original Beastars plot. This could range far and wide, as the biggest appeal for me is the universe and setting. I'll get more into specifics further down but I thought I should get that out of the way first and formost.


    I would prefer to have the characters as students at Cherryton, but of course that doesn't mean this will all be contained within the school grounds.


    I am generally not a fan of playing canon characters and plots. I prefer to craft original stories in the universe of our chosing. The tension between Carnivores and Herbivores is what entices me the most in this setting so anything we would come up with would hopefully play on that heavily. That being said...




    Like I said, I am usually not a fan of canon characters. Usually. However I love this series so much that I am making exceptions!

    Legoshi x OC Herbivore

    Louis x OC Carnivore

    OC Carnivore x Haru

    OC Herbivore x Juno

    OC Carnivore x OC Herbivore


    And I am always open to ideas from anyone interested in this! That all being said I look foreward to hearing from some of you!

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    I'd love to do an OC×OC with you! I've been looking for Beastars, glad to find someone else who is, too. Only problem is EcchiDreams is the least efficient way for me to respond or contact people.

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