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    Hey, this is my first time posting one of these. I was told this can help with finding people who may be interested in specific roleplays with me, but I want to try something where if anyone who is interested can come up with an idea involving two of my kinks.

    The first kink is a form of bondage which involves an abundance of winter clothes, in which case the roleplay would take place during the winter. My character would be forced to wear a lot of winter clothes, not to the point of being immobile, but would still have some difficulty moving or walking, and is able to waddle.

    The second kink would be foodplay more along the lines of my character being force fed.

    If it wasn't obvious, yes my character is a sub. I would like to hear what some people can come up with using these two details, but also the roleplay isn't explicitly meant to be sexual. Message me if you have an idea in mind and would like to roleplay with me. Thanks.

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