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    Hello, i thought i'd start cataloging some ideas i had in my head before i lost them forever. I would really like to build a world with a partner, expand on it and hopefully have the RP last a long time, or at least for as long as we are both wanting it to last.

    I'm a big lover of Dark fantasy, tragic stories and everything in between. Lot's of my stories are influenced by folklore and mythology, with characters that have dark, and often tragic pasts. I like to play character that have flaws and weaknesses even if they're dominant. I tend to play dominant characters, but i'm happy switching if it suits the story, or if the right lady comes along. But of course, overall the stories are to be quite romantic, even if very dark, be it consensual or not.

    The characters i play will mostly be built like ancient Greek heroes, like Achilles, strong, muscular and lean, leaning toward herculean, but not necessarily as extreme; But it's debatable if that isn't something you like. I'm mostly looking for female partners, but i'm don't mind futas if you had an idea of your own.

    The setting i like to play are usually fantasy, be they in a medieval era or modern day.

    Haunted Past


    My character is wondering knight, one driven mad by the death of his beloved. He travels the country side in his maddened state looking for his beloved, which due to his insanity, believes to still be alive. My character, sees yours, thinking it is his beloved (Due to their striking resemblance) and will do anything to bring her back to their run-down family home.

    This RP can be tailored to our preferences, having my character either become enraged at your character's refusal to acknowledge him as his wife, kidnapping her against her will. Perhaps your character, even goes along with the con, thinking my character is rich and well off, as they are a knight. Or the RP could go the complete opposite way, my character being desperate to have his beloved back, he would never harm her as a result, this allows your character to take advantage of him. 

    This roleplay has many possibilities, i would be more than happy to hear your own ideas for it. It could end happily, it could end grimly... for either party.

    Abandoned Facility 


    An idea inspired by the theme and overall atmosphere of the original portal game. My character is trapped in a dreary concrete facility, it's location unknown. He has been a test subject for many years and now something has changed, the facility seems to be abandoned leaving many of the test subjects alone and angry having been held against their will.

    Life Eternal 


    My character has been cursed to live forever, having been around since ancient times. They've seen countless wars and been a part of every single one. Now alone, during the modern age, all they feel is guilt and sadness for their original, simple life. Bored and alone they seek out life's simplest form of pleasure. Is your character another plaything for them, something to help pass a few years or quench their never ending hunger. Or is your character the soul mate they were looking for all along.

    My character could be many things, a fallen angel from bygones or a war hero from England's bloody medieval past. Either way their tough life and guilt has turned them to an unending life of sadomasochism, harming both themselves and others or small amounts of pleasure.

    Crime lord


    My character is the ruler of a small organization, dealing in crime and prostitution. Your character is brought in one day, it could be that my character takes a liking to yours, or that he recognizes her from his past, maybe a high school crush, who he can now live out his wildest fantasies with, taking her as his personal whore. 

    The RP could be surprisingly wholesome, my character nurturing and looking after her or take a darker side as he dominates her and slowly brakes her down so that he may do whatever he wishes with her. The fantasy aspect could be that the inhabitants of this world are magical and my character's brothel deals in magical beings.


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