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  • Direct Purification ( Angel 18+ )

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Name: Uriel Serephine

    Age: Looks 18-20

    Loves: Creampie, Roughplay, Light BDSM, praise, anal, ddlg, deep throat

    Hates: Scat, Piss


    There are usually many ways for one to purify negative energy/beings. Normally its through the method of prayer and holy water. However, the much easier method is directly, using the body of an angelic being.

    Uriel is an angel specifically tasked to take on jobs that go as such. Thus throughout her experience she had gotten used to many things, from different monsters and beasts alike. Though the process doesn't seem very pure, it was still heavenly in terms of pleasure on her end. Today, wasn't different. Heading to the location of her next job, bearing only a positive mentality and well, a single shirt.

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