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    Hello! Hopefully ive compiled a decent enough list to satisfy many people's wants and give them ideas! Ill try and separate them all into categories, but please go through them all to be sure you find the one you want! All Rps will have the choice for role swaps (you be female and i be male instead of the other way around) so please dont be shy to ask! Here we go! 

    Category: Human x Human (reality) 

    This category will be all human roleplayers and like life scenarios. Female and male characters. 


    Walking to school (tags; forced, possible ageplay, anal/oral available, possible gangbang) 

    Its a hot day in May, and my character (female) is walking to school by herself. Wearing the school uniform button up shirt and short mini plaid skirt that fluttered as i walked by. Your character(s) (males) have been stalking me the past week, waiting for the perfect noment to come drive next to me and snatch me quickly off the street to take out their many sexual desires on me. (Ages for female character between 8 and 18 years old)

    Family business. (Tags; Incest, father x daughter, brother x younger sister, father and brother X daughter, possible ageplay, anal/oral availible.) 

    My character (female) is home after a long day of playing at the park with my friends. I make my way to the bathroom, my tight shorty shorts  clinging to my ass as i walk up the stairs to the bathroom. When i open the door, i forget to close it all the way, leaving an opportunity for someone to peek in on me. (Availible to tweak rpbif need be, ages for female, 8-18 years old) 


    Daddy's litter girl (incest, ageplay, anal/oral availible, forced) 

    My character (female) has been going to bed lately in a see through night dress, and doesnt even know it as i walk through the house before bed with it showing off everything. After i go to bed, the father has a lustful idea to take out on his daughter while she sleeps. (Ages availible for female between 8 -14) 

    Glory hole experience. (Glory holes, party, anal/oral available) 

    My character decided to go have some fun at a secret party her friends told her about. Alcohol, drugs, boys, it was going to be so much fun! While at the party she sees a room thats labeled "enter for some fun". As i go inside it, i notice a few holes in the wall. Before ibknow it, several cocks are poking through them, and i begin to have a very naughty feeling. (Ages for female, 16-20) 


    Wrong shower room. (Ageplay, forced gangbang, anal/oral available) 

    My character (female) is in the locker room showering by myself after softball practice. I had wondered why none of my teammates had come to the locker room because it was so quiet now. Suddenly i hear the voices of many men come through, as the professional baseball players had finished their game and came into the showers to find me. After losing their big game, they decided i was the perfect treat to cheer them all up. (Ages for female, 8 to 18 years old) 

    Make your own! (Ecchitext me your ideas and we can brainstorm an idea together! 


    Category: human x human or non-human (furry, magical beings, monsters, etc.) 

    This category is meant for female human players with non human things. These rps are also available to be tweaked if desired! 


    Magic house (forced/consensual, ageplay possible, anal/oral, possible incest, possible anything! [Read the story to figure out what I mean]) 

    My character (female) is walking to school by herself one day when she sees an old abandoned house that has been rotting away for many years. Shes seen it a few times and always wanted to get a closer look inside. As she walks up, the decrepit house looks abandoned with all the windows broken out and no one inside. The door creaks open as she walks inside, but to her astonishment, the inside is pristine and well kept. The windows are fixed and there is soft music playing inside that lures her attention inside. Suddenly the door shuts and seals behind her. No matter how hard she tries, the door and windows would open for her. Suddenly a voice appeared over an intercom (your character), instructing her that the only way out of the house is to go through every room in the house and complete the tasks inside them all before the door would unlock and id be free to go. However, the tasks in each room were all sexual, and up to you what they will be! You can choice anything and everything (to the extent of my limits at least) for the task to be! Anything from glory holes, to gangbangs, to visions of her father or brother forcing themselves on her, strangers, furries, tentacle monsters, beastiality, anything you desire to make her do, she'll have to do it in order to leave! Have fun and be creative about it! (Ages for female between 8 and 18) 


    Furry world (forced/consensual, anal/oral available,) 

    My character (human or furry female) is enjoying a day at the beach. Wearing a small bikini, i take in the sunshine and relax a while. However i forget that this is a very secluded beach and no one is around. Except your character (furry male or futa) walking down the beach. you see me and and suddenly  feel a burning desire to mate me right there on my beach towel. (Age for female, 16 to 20) 

    Tentacle world (tentacles, possible ageplay, anal/oral a must) 

    My character wonders into a cave one day while exploring the beach. It looks so magical with rays of sunlight streaming through some of the holes in the ceiling of the cave. My small bikini is the only thing you see between me, and several holes you can use to empty your cum into and onto. Its been years since the last person wondered in and your tentacles need a release! (ages between 8 and 18) 

    Horse play (beastiality, age play possible,  anal/oral availible) 

    My character (female) had trouble sleeping that night. She just wanted to go out and pet her new horse,  Thunder.  Wearing only a white night gown she goes out to the stalls alone. (Ages 11 and 18) 

    Futa play. (Futanari, anal/oral) forced/consensual) 

    My character (female) invites her freind over for a sleep over while my parents are away. However. I have no idea my freind had a suprise under her pants until we got into bed for the night) (ages 12 to 18) 

    Make your own! 

    Ecchi text me any ideas and we'll brainstorm an rp together! 

    Thanks for reading and i hope to be rping with you soon!!! 

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    9 minutes ago, Zegrin said:

    Are we continuing our rp once you feel better?

    Yes we will

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