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  • Dom male looking to RP

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    I'm looking to get a RP going that peaks my interests. I'm very vague about plot because it's hard to know exactly what style the other person is going to bring to the table.

    I am always down to try new things for the most part. 

    Things that I would be very intrested in doing are 

    Incest-plot completely dependent on the other rper

    Futa suprise has really peeked my interest as of late and would be fully down for this one.

    Age play can be very fun but has to have some plot, it can't be all smut.

    Force play also peeks my inrest.

    I'm still very much feeling out this site and my own kinks so if something isn't listed it doesn't mean I won't try. Hope to hear from someone soon.

    One plot that I would very very much like to RP is a futa suprise. Going to a bar and picking up a woman only to find out she's not what I thought. I'm hoping for someone who is usually a Dom futa but is trying something diffrent

    Another plot. Have you ever seen Truman show. I thinkn a concept would be really cool.


    CAUGHT red handed

    I want to RP being caught red handed doing something dirty weather it's pleasuring or stealing some underwear. Blackmailed by said person who catches me.


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