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    Hello. I am looking to try doubling with someone. It doesn't matter which gender you are. I will do whatever craving you want to do with whatever setting, pairing, characters, kinks, fandom, etc. you want. I will even play multiple characters. This would also include doing anything that is on my limits or no list. I will rp anything with you. In exchange, you do the same for me.

    As for the craving I've been wanting to do, I am looking to play a male character with my partner playing female characters. Here is the plot I have in mind if you want to read it:


    A teacher in high school has been teaching for years and has grown quite the reputation of being a pervert. He had been seen ogling some of the girls and making attempts to get peeks down their shirts or up their skirts. Unfortunately for the students, the higher-ups and other staff seemed to look the other way or pretend not to notice anything they saw the teacher do that would've been considered inappropriate. For one reason or another, he was able to convince the other staff to ignore any reports from any of the students.

    One day, he receives supernatural abilities from a mysterious source. These abilities allow him to control a being by having them do and feel things based on his will. He can rewrite the individuals will, deciding how they act, feel, and think. It is a seamless and natural transition that happens instantly. The target of his commands think and act as if the rewrite was always a part of them without having any awareness that they were being controlled in the first place. All he has to do is give them commands through the use of telepathic communication that he can use from any distance.

    He tests these new found abilities on the other staff to see if he could get them to ignore anything he did they might otherwise disagree with. It seemed to work flawlessly and decided to test it on the some of the other students as well. Three female students went to visit his desk after school to confront him about his behavior around female students.


    Once again, I am willing to do anything you are craving in exchange for doing this plot with me. Please pm to discuss in more detail if interested or if you have any questions. Thank you and have a nice day!


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