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    Hello Reader,

    I am male, looking for female roleplayer's to well....Roleplay with.

    I'm a Dom, I write in 3rd person, usually 1-2 paragraphs per post. More is fine and less is fine just depends on the setting. I do not roleplay fandoms. I enjoy both a story and sexual content. I can do purely story and purely smut but prefer a mix.

    My Favourite Settings are:



    Modern, gang related.

    Apocalyptic of any variety.

    And dystopian.


    If none of these appeal to you, I also do the following pairings in any setting:

    Teacher x Student (Minimum age 18)

    Detective x Criminal.

    Prince x Princess/Noble/Servant.

    Brother x Sister.

    Kidnapper X Captive (Again minimum 18)

    Soldier x Civilian.


    My Likes: 

    Throat Holding(Mild).



    Light Bondage.

    Hair Pulling.



    My Dislikes:






    Hope to hear from you!









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