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  • [F4M] The Necrophile's Bride

    • Comment here first! Looking

    I am eighteen+ and my partner, and all the characters involved, must be as well.

    [Heads up: due to the specific nature of this rp, I give my partner an outline in this synopsis of what I'm looking for in their character, a backstory if you will. I will NEVER control your character in the actual rp, I promise. Anything we aren't sure of can be discussed and agreed upon OOC, and I'll be open to hearing about changes!]

    (Trigger warning - mentions of corpses, illegal activity, gore)

    [Another disclaimer; the title is from a song! I am not looking to play a corpse.]

    Lilith is a caged dove irrevocably bound to her captor, her wings clipped. I'm looking for a doctor-turned-serial killer by madness and an obsession with autopsy photos. This doctor loves the sight of gore, especially if the patient is deceased. Nothing thrills him like carnage. But he has one weakness. 


    There's a girl, a woman he'd seen one day on the train home from work. She, along with his collection of stolen photos, became his obsession. A girl who was very much alive, one that he surprisingly felt that he wanted to keep that way. Alive, but hindered. Hindered to the point of utter dependence on him. And what better way to achieve that than to pay off her already criminal boyfriend to do the job for him? She who had witnessed such a terrible crime, it was tragic. He wished to cure her so that she may never see such a horrible thing again-- curing people was his job, wasn't it? It was only right. 



    We should talk limits now, since this is a pretty dark plot. Overly sexual limits will be discussed in PM in accordance with the rules; I also just don't feel comfy posting sexual things so publicly.

    [Mild adult content ahead.]

    Generally, I feel like the doctor in this plot would be more excited by the girl's helplessness, the way she cries and clings to him, her only savior. He'll comfort her through the fear of his experiments, murmuring sweet words and praise and showering her with kisses and gentle touches. All of this juxtaposes the fear. I think our doctor will get off on fear, on being the only one that can comfort Lilith. Plus, her wounded eyes--they're the most beautiful thing in the world to him. I know it seems like I'm looking for something super specific, I just don't want anyone messaging without knowing what they're getting into, y'know? Lilith's story will definitely be explored in the starter as well, so please don't think all of this is just me controlling (Y/C)! I'll give you liberties, I promise /)A(\


    My only other real requirement other than being able to show compassion is your response length. I need a good few paragraphs per response, I'm a very literate rper and would like my partner to be as well. I prefer offsite rping, discord, kik, google hangouts, even email. But I will not disclose these in public, again in accordance with the rules. I'm still getting used to this site, so please send me a message or comment to get my attention. And please be gentle, I'm going through a tough time right now.

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