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    Ok so this will be my thread for Fandom Pairings and plots. I like a lot of different fandom's so I will kind of just add to this over time.  Also I prefer things to be OC X OC  or cannon x cannon. But I do not mind OC x cannon given the right plot. SO here we go. 


    Walking Dead 

    For this there are  many diffrent pairings I would do and I love OC x OC and  Cannon x Cannon will even do OC x Cannon's for this for now I will put a couple plots that I have in mind for this. 


    Forbidden Love Judith x Negan

    As she got to know Negan while he was locked up the  young girl became infatuated with the older man. Once he was allowed to move about the town she started to spend time with him and get to know him even more. Then one night she snuck out and went to where he was staying and though she was  quite inexperienced offered her body to him and though he knew it was wrong he took her up on the offer and began to teach the young girl how to please a man with things escalating over time. 

    Side notes:  this story is kind of self explanatory. It is basically a smut/ romance story between Judith and Negan. 

    Main Kinks: Anal, Blowjobs, Hair pulling, Spanking, Bondage, Rough sex,  Slapping, Light breath play,  Younger/Older.



    Sisterly love Beth x Maggie

    Rick and his group never made it to the green farm, however the heard still showed up and some how only Maggie and Beth manged to survive. On there own the two sisters began to move from place to place doing there best to survive. Finally one night after a particularly  bad nightmare Beth woke  screaming and Maggie took her in her arms to calm her  down. In that moment in the fire light the older sister seemed  to see her sister in a different light. Will Beth reciprocate her sister advances or will Maggie have to give in to her base desires and force her sister to give her what she want's. 

    Side notes: Basically an AU  plot with Beth and Maggie becoming lovers consensual or through Maggie forcing  her sister to be her love slave. 

    Main Kinks: This is prettey much up for discussion it can be  a very dark story or a semi light hearted romance depends on how we want to do things. 



    Taking Carl Carl X Negan 

    WIth Rick still acting out Negan tried to thikn of a way to really teach him that his antics will not be tollreated. Realizing that his family is the most importan part of his life he decides to use  his son. Having  Carl brought to the Sancutry. Once there  Negen starts to turn the young man to his side in the process falling for him and taing him as his is main lover even If Carl does not want to be the older man's lover. 

    Side note: anothe AU plot this time with Carl and Negan. 

    Main Kinks: Anal, Non Con, Blow jobs, Bondage, Mental and Physical Torture (Sexual and non sexual), CBC,  Forced Crosdressing, Breath play, Cock cages, Toys, Messy Sex, Water sports. 

    This are jsut a few plots I have other I will post later and I am always open to any other plots  others might have. 



    For this I am a huge fan of OC x OC I now have played a bit into shield and I have actually finished  scarlet so I am up for any region as well as  using regions from fan games or rom hacks. I have so many different plot ideas for this so I will just put  2 or three and add more later. 


    Penny X Any 

    So out of all the character my absolute favorite npc is Penny. That being said I would love to do a role play where I can play as Penny with some one playing as any of the other characters  in the game or if you prefer to do an OC for this say play as the player character I would be fine with that as well. As far as plot's I do not have any real ideas so we could come up with something together and if you want you can play as a character from one of the other games or even from the anime. 


    Journey in another world OC X OC

    Welcome to the world of pokemon, its the first words  in every Pokemon game. Including the new VR MMO Pokemon worlds a game where people can chose what region the start in and then become the kind of trainer they want to be, wnat to become a breeder, or maybe a  researcher, or the best battler just focus on the skills that will let you chose what you want to be and go out an have fun.  That was the add for the game and the day for it's kick off has come. Are characters have been waiting forever for this and have gone out to get what they need.  However something happens when the server kicks off and Millions of players across the world jsut simply  disappear from their homes or where they are playing the game. Now they are all trapped with in a  game world where things feel real the catch is why they can die they still resurrect at a nearby pokemon center. Will any one be able to find a way to leave the game or are the players stuck there for good. 

    Side note: This is a  idea inspired bye SAO and Log Horizion.  The Story will follow the adventures of are characters as they try and well what they do is anyone's guess. This can be a dark and twisty rp or a light hearted adventure as they jsut tyr to survive and maybe delve into the mystery of what brought all the players. to this world.  Also this is partially based on the  PTU (Pokemon Table top United)  where the trainers have skills they can learn and those skills can affect what they are good at.  The whole thing is free to download so we could even use the classes system in as inspiration for what are characters are if any wants to do this with me. 

    Main Kinks: This is 100% up for discussion depending on the way we want this rp to go. 


    From Rivals to lovers Serena x Miette

    Having decided to go to the Hoenn region after her journey with Ash to try out the Pokemon Contest Serena had figured that she would be the only one from Kalos competing in them. Of course to both her surprise and Ire Miette seemingly  had the same idea and once more their rivalry ensued. Even worse only a few weeks after arriving they both arrived at the same pokemon center where only one room was available.  However after that night Serena  began to see the blue haired girl in a different light and soon they began to travel together as  both missed their home. But soon they start to really see each other in a new light and things start to heat up even more so when Serena learns Miette's secret. 

    Side Note: This is  your basic rivals to lovers  story idea only with the twist of Miette being a futa. This is one of my few ideas that does not have to have hardcore kinks but can if we want to have them. 

    Main kinks: Futa, Anal, Hair pulling, Facials, Nipple play, Oral, Spanking. 


    Ash to Ashly Ash x Jessie & James, Professor Oak, Brock, Serena & Bonnie, or Ashes Mom (I  can see this idea working with many diffrent characters) 

    Basic plot is for some reson or another one of the other or more the one of the other  characters in the series forces Ash into becoming and living like a prettey girl. 

    Side notes: For this I do want to play Ash but if  his torment is being done bye more then one character I do not mind playing one of those characters. Who ever wants to do this will have to be willing to help plan out the plot for this one as  it  is so open ended. 

    Main kinks: Force Fem, Anal, Oral, Bondage 


    Harry Potter  
    For this universe I am fine playying  OC X OC Cannon X Cannon or maybe even Cannon X OC 
    Characters I would like to play as or against: Luna, Ginny, Hermione , Lavender,  Lily (Harry's Mom), Nymphdora,  Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix,  the  Pavarti twins.  These are just the ones I would love to play as but if there is one that someone one else would like me to play as or if you want to play as let me know (we could even gender bend male characters) 

    As to male characters I would like to play as or against: Harry, Ron, Voldemort, Snape, Hagrid, Dudley, Malfoy, George & or Fred, Sirius, Lucius, James or Remus . Again this is just preferences  and as above we could genderbend characters. 

    I do not have any scenarios right now but will add some later. 


    Other Fandoms I know 

    Star Wars

    Star Treak




    Black Clover


    Over Lord 


    Kotor 1 & 2 


    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (I really want to do something with this one) 

    His Dark Materials (the first three books) 

    Old world (Garth Nix Novels) 

    Red Wall Series. 



    Death Note 

    Log Horizon 

    Family Guy



    Grey's Anatomy 

    And others I can not think of at the moment Some of these I have ideas for others not so much just let me know if you want to try something 



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