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  • Fantasy ERP [Human x Himbo Orc] : DM If Interested!

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    Looking to play a Human Femboy or Human Tomboy Futa for a longterm/semi-longterm fantasy ERP! 

    The story takes place after a Human (born into slavery) flees their captors. Still on the run, the Human is relieved to come across a camp in the dead of night. They sneak on camp grounds to steal food and clothes, but end up finding a caged blind Orc. The Human pieces together that the camp may belong to monster hunters, who intend to either sell the Orc or eventually kill it. The Human can't leave the Orc in good conscience. So despite their usual self-serving nature, they release it and help the Orc exact revenge. The Orc understands that they could be useful to one another, and decides to stick around. Not only to pay their debt to the human through protection, but also because they see the Human as a potential guide. 

    The story gradually unravels. The Human is still on the run, and the Orc's story is a mystery, piecemealed as the two get to know one another. The RP continues as the Human and the Orc travel together, pick up odd jobs, and grow intimate. Whether they remain travelers is up to us! We can expand upon the story from here, turning them into explorers, bounty hunters, criminals, or whatever else piques our interest. We can also expand upon the fantasy universe and those who live within it, if you wish.

    Kinks/Themes (If you're down, I'm down!):
    Romance, Height Difference, Size Difference, Possessiveness, Light Bondage, Casual Nudity, Mating Press, Overstimulation, Creampie(s), Multiple Rounds, Role Reversal (The "Sub" Personality is The Top, the "Dom" Personality is the Bottom). 


    Artist: Toxxy (ToxxyKiss)

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