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    I am looking for an isekai rp (trapped in a different world) I think that I have a pretty interesting twist in this genre that could make this a lot of fun. If you like fantasy rp please continue to read. Sorry I can be a bit wordy. Please keep in mind that even if it seems as if I am set on an idea I am not please put your own twist on anything I would love that actually.

    Here is my idea

    Heroes were transported into a typical MMORPG and became trapped there. They were tasked with defeating a typical demon king. After time of adventuring, leveling, and gaining equipment the heroes were ready to face the demon king. Their fight with him was a disaster and the only hero to survive was the rogue who was able to get a cheap shot on the demon king to kill him. When he returned he refused to go back to his world.

    Yes, our rp will begin with the end of the game. We will be playing on what happens if the game is over and yet isn't over. Here is my character


    29 years old


    He will be trying to make the world a better place. I figure that with the demon king gone allied races and kingdoms turn on each other and there maybe an emergence of old enemies. He might be the wrong person to make the world better since he is used to doing things as a rogue now. He also surfers from survivor's remorse.


    Your character!

    What happens next depends on who you want to play. An elf queen? An orc shaman? Villager C? Anyone you want! I do ask for your character to female. From there we will find a starting point 



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