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    Hello! This is a historical rp that i wanted to try out! It may not be 100% obviously, but it sounds like fun! (Link to reference picture below) 

    In Ancient Rome, Aurelia is a 19 year old warrior who, despite all odds, became a soldier, and even that, a centurion of all ranks. Many men were jealous of her, but she could hold her own very easily. 

    (This Rp can go a few ways, and im open for rp suggestions too!) 

    1: The Roman Senate.

    Aurelia is brought before the all male senate. They disagree with her new rank and want her to be stripped of it immediately. She begs for them to reconsider because of her skill and leadership. They decline to hear anymore, unless shes willing to do something special for them all in the senate chambers. (Gangbang) 

    2: in the Barracks

    Aurelia is out in a military town on the frontier. She is the only woman in many miles and the men are starting to get lonely all alone out there. (One on one, gangbang) 

    3: Captured! 

    Aurelia's men and herself are captured by barbarians and taken far away from the borders of the empire. They single her out at the enemy's stronghold, wanting to know whats under her roman tunic. 

    (Forced and or consensual, gangbang, one on one.)

    4: suggestions!

    Make up a scenerio you'd like and suggest it to me! 



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