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  • (FemSub I PM RP | GM/DM?) Absorbtion, Biosuits & Evil Traps!

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    I'm looking for someone who would be interested in narrating some adventure-esque roleplay. I love horror and dark themes! Maybe a sort of high-risk adventure involving pretty, busty damsels and the horrible fates that could await them on a world full of risk and glory...only, it might not be treasure the character ends up obtaining...I'm expecting lots of traps and kinky sex!


    Absorbtion: A novice, skimpy adventurer setting off in search for treasures abound, her sad excuse for armor consisting of a few mismatched pieces of chain or even stylish slutgear. She falls down, but something is amiss! Was there a sound? A touch, perhaps? A soft gasp when she finds the ever curious tentacle encroaching upon her thigh or the gluttonous sensation of something...succulent as it noms upon her ripe little asshole! Suddenly, things change for the worse! She's pulled and pulled and pulled, deep, down into a slimy abyss where she could be fused into the waiting walls of flesh that seek to assimilate her into what appears to be a much larger puzzle! Wh-what!? This isn't a cave at all...but by the time she realizes her mistake, she's already begun to fuse with the creature, losing more and more of skin as it sloppily pulls the delightful little bunny into it's hungry depths, her last view of the world disappearing bit by bit as that slight opening up top dwindles away. Upon further notice, however, she soon discovers that she is not the first victim to fall prey to such a fate as she soon makes out the outline of other people, even beasts alike. The last glimpses of light disappearing altogether as darkness conceals her in her humid prison forever...


    Mimics/ Biosuits/ Cursed Objects: Or perhaps a clueless soul happens upon a rigged chest where a symbiotic suit (Can be substituted out for an artifact or something of value too!)  jumps out at her and merges with her, forcing her to wear it! The result could be fun, anywhere from becoming a slave towards her new, parasitic relationship or something else. Biosuits, basically! Devious systems of tentacles and nerves that wrap around and become one with their host. Maybe this could include gaining new abilities or tons of creative bondage...a quest where our hero would try and find a way out of her nasty predicament, trying to assert control over it while being paraded around the world and put into tons of kinky and bizarre situations...maybe with even more TF involved!


    Glue/Slime Trap: Our heroine could step into a sticky patch of glue where she becomes stuck! Shenanigans soon ensue as she complicates herself trying to get out!!


    Brainwash Machine: This could work for Sci-Fi!!! Imagine this: A sexy beauty is hooked up to a computer sort of machine and slowly...lewd images are programmed into her head as her original identity is erased...and odd programs are installed in her, almost treating her much like a machine...poor girl!


    The Pit of Discipline:

    Oooh...this is a fun one!!!! Our heroine could fall into a pit where she's repeatedly whacked/spanked by hundreds of horny tentacles, trying to quell her into subordination...there could be penetration involved and lots of sucking!

    Age Regression Traps:

    ...Mmm...and finally? Devious traps that might have a risk of turning my character back into a young girl...either through drugs or magic.


    (Kinks that Could Work! (You're more than welcome to recommend more though!): Absorbtion/Fusion, Spanking, Bondage, Immobilization, Transformation, Ass Growth, Breast Expansion, Dick Growth, Drugs, Hallucinations, Devious & Delightfully Sexually Based Traps, Brainwashing/Mind Control, etc...)


    If any of this sounds interesting, poke me and let's talk! I prefer to RP on site over private messages. 

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