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    Just some thoughts off the top of my head to get the creative juices flowing. I do like to keep things around half-plot and half-smut, striking a fair balance between the two, but I don't mind veering into full on smut if that's the mood of the room. I also don't mind what gender you are, it's the character you play that matters.

    The Monkey's Paw

    You come across a wish granting website. It seemed like silly rumors at first. A flight of fancy that some teenagers might come up with for the sake of gossip. All the same, it now stares you in the face. Just a single screen with a text field for you to type out your heart's desire. Shockingly enough, the wish comes true. However, with all good things. This comes with a cost. For every wish granted, a demand is made. The demands grow in intensity, in humiliation, it threatens just how far your character will go to have everything they've ever wanted.

    It's later revealed that there's a face to put to the website. Quite an influential one in fact. When he reveals himself, that's when the trouble really begins.

    The Dearly Departed

    Your character is a part of the special few who can see beyond the mortal realm. The dead do not truly move on. Not really. They linger, some living lives as they've always had. Coming and going from school, repeating the same routines that they'd lived all their lives.

    Yet some still linger with grudges and past regrets. It's true what they say. Those with unfinished business are the cause of hauntings. You see the way they affect others, maybe someone's having a particularly bad day because a ghost singled them out. Maybe they were led to deaths of their own by the same tragic circumstances that took their tormentor.

    It becomes a simple fact of life for your character, until one day. You see a ghost approach you and say, "you can see me, can't you?". The ill intent, clear in his voice. He wants something from you and he's not about to take no for an answer.

    You Decide

    Got something in mind? Hit me up. We'll chat. If things work out. We'll run an RP.

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