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  • For Those Who Need A Demon~

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey there and Welcome to my Thread!~

    I hope that you are having a good day and are well enough to maybe create a roleplay with my demon friend here!~

    So I short, I am able to provide a demon character to a roleplay. We must ofcourse, still discuss the whole scenerio and setting our characters would be playing in.  I do not like to chat much about my own preferences in terms of scenerios, but I can give you some what of taste in how my mind works.

    My Preferences in Partners (Thread)

    The search:

    • Now, I am look for roleplayers who are also eager to try out a more darker route into Lust. This not mean that I don't like having types of romance within the scenerio. It means that I love to have a more darker tone to the whole relationship. We can also go extremely in  with having characters getting the Rape or blackmailed treatment. Haha I'm really open to some fucked up stuff, if I have to be honest. You can always check my preferences thread for a little more detailed look into what I like.


    My personal Kinks/Limits:

    • Kinks: Anal, Assplay, Spanking, Teasing, Fingering, Rough/Hardcore sex, Cuckolding, Cheating, Gangbang, Group orgies, Double/Triple penetration, Handjobs, Fellatio, Rimming, Cunnilingous, Oral sex, Getting/giving domination, Ageplay, Multiple partners, Reverse-harems, Use of drugs/alcohol, Public scenes, Outdoor scenes, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism and Free-use.
    • Limits: Watersports, Scat, Blood, Decapitation, Gore-sex and Feet/Armpit/Hair fetish.


    My Character:

    • Full Name: Chiyo ( Shub-Niggurath)
    • Nickname: Black Sheep
    • Age: Unknown (Looks to be around 20)
    • Gender: Female
    • Species: Demon Goddess
    • Height: 5'6
    • Weight: 50 kg
    • Hair color: Raven Black
    • Eye color: Purple haze
    • Skin tone: Light brown/Pale
    • Body type: Mesomorph
    • Personality: Kind, Caring, Intelligable, Optimistic and Mysterious
    • Strengths: Tentacle use, Super strength, Super speed, High Intelligence, Use of Aphrodisiacs and Travelling through dimensions
    • Weaknesses: Always needs to get updated in every dimension, Abit on the gullible/Easy comfortable type, Needs semen in order to use her powers (Both male and female accepted) and can only come into a dimension if she's summoned.

    Her Demonic Form



    Her Human Form


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