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  • From Femboy to Futa

    Okay normally this is one of the ideas my head comes up that no one wants to do but whatever. I guess it worth a try so here's the plot.

    The story takes place in a nice suburban neighborhood that as a house at the end of the road that very few people go near. Now the house doesn't look scary in fact it rather nice. The owner of the house is a woman who is without a doubt is very womanly though rumors has that she in fact as a massive cock and that she some called a futa. It a pretty typical sight to see this woman bring woman after woman into her home. The woman would come in though wouldn't leave until days later. All the woman who leave seem to have gone up at least three cup sizes. It also believed that they themselves have been transformed into Futas themselves. Rumor have come around to what makes the change happen some say that drinking enough of the futa milk with transform you. While other believe you need to take in massive amounts of Futa cum.

    Okay so I'm looking for someone to play the futa for me in this story and somehow slowly turn my crossdressing femboy  into a lovely Futa. How the transformation happens is up to you though the changes should happen slowly of the span of a few days before it completed.

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