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  • From Master to Maid (Body Swap Roleplay)

    Okay thought of a new plot idea so I thought I'd throw it out there if anyone was interested.


    Okay so in the beginning your character is a spoiled rich boy who's never heard the word no before when it come to almost anything. When your horny you just stop a maid in the hallway and fuck her as you please, firing any maid who rejects this idea. One day you spot my character wandering down the hallway and have to have her then and now. You pin her to the wall and do her from behind all the while she chanting a spell in a language you've never heard of. After the act you awaken to find yourself in the body of the maid and quickly run into your old body.

    My character says that for now you'll be her little sex toy and if your good you might get your body back. She then starts to treat you in the same evil way you treated your maids up till now forcing you to suck and take in your own cock.

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