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    Yo! Sup! And, &8@e11.p for all the non-human alien world-conquerors reading this from the hypertechnocial chillness of their intergalactic Swagcraft! A craft powered by nothing but the purest of Swag, thus rendering it woefully inoperable to those....lacking swag. On anotHer point!


    ...Ladies... how u' doin'...???


    Kidding! hahaha! Joey from Friends! Mk, anyway, basically I have a slew of potential PRs and am seeking an open-minded, fun, kinky and above all literate and creative female writer to play them out with. Many of my ideas have at least some element of Femdom. Deets below:


    The overall setting is a Femdom-dominated world where 'males' don't really exist save but for a sole 'sexually abnormal creature' which is born into the world at random points in its long history'; i.e., the 'male'. Women rule this world, both socially and biologically, evolving to a point where they have become nearly entirely all lesbian, save for a deep, inborn sexual need to dominate and suppress the 'male'. In fact aside from strict and harsh Femdom, they feel no attraction to the 'creature' at all. Not only do they own all political power of any kind but possess a thorough and deadly knowledge of 'male' sexual and emotional weaknesses as this is taught not only in schools and academia, but that society itself is based on strict principles of Female Biological and Sexual superiority; there's even a religion based around the tenets of Femdom, to which all the Women Here are devout followers of. These Women truly hate and despise 'males', seeing the creature as an ugly blemish in an otherwise perfect and all-female world, and enjoy nothing more than to dominate and subjugate the sole existing 'male' whose entire life - as it was born literally to do, and can only do, nothing but worship and revere Women - is spent in a state of perpetual submission to the entire Female race. 


    In essence, an eternal Sub in a world of Doms. Everything - every law, idea, even the 'religion' of this world is Femdom-based, so the 'male' lives it's whole life in complete mental, sexual and spiritual submission; add to that Goddess Nature created 'males' with a biological addiction to Femdom (a 'male' literally cannot go but hours without tasting pussy!), and Women (Females Here can smell his lust, and home in on it as well as detect and discern one's kinks and fetishes and manipulate them!), a sinister, nearly feral need to terrorize his penis, and the 'male' has no chance! 


    he MUST obey!


    This world has laws geared towards Femdom and the complete suppression of all 'male' sexuality, seeing it as both ugly and degenerate, but an amusing protrusion that, at best, is a swollen meatstick to them; these laws include no porn, no jerking off, zero sex (between 'male' and Female) and above all else, NO CUMMING - for 'males', of course; Women may and do watch much porn in this world. However, that doesn't mean the Women Here don't enjoying tricking the 'male' into breaking these laws - known as the Domme on Sight (DoS) laws - so just so they can dominate and destroy him, as it is a crime to even have a boner and it is the legal privilege and right of all Women to dominate a 'male' found doing so; 'males', also, are legally bound to submit. A 'male' has no choice but to submit to the Females rule, and they take a dark pleasure in making the pathetic creature beg in shameful, lustful submission. 


    Ok! Enough with the general world-settings! Onto the plots, themselves! I've a many, and they all - mostly - fit into the above some ways... and, 3...2...1....LEWD-OFF!!!!


    1). Y.B.A.D.!!! - Featuring pro-wrestling as a theme, the 'male' has been caught - yet again - jerking off and this time will be dealt with before the world audience; it's a world event, advertised on TV and the web and tHere is a huge turnout for this nights venue. Millions of Women are watching. Your char will domme him before the world in the ring and effortlessly DESTROYS him and his weak, little balls during a Femdom wrestling match that lasts hours, a brutal, erotic Femdom beatdown as She humiliates him in front of a roaring crowd of beautiful Goddesses. The match itself is a mix of hardcore Femdom elements and wrestling.


    Think blindolded him then giving him a DDT; suplex him through a table while he’s ballgagged and then sitting on his face in the debris; handcuffing him and stomping on his balls from the top rope - repeatedly; putting him into a submission hold then completely ignoring his tapping out while She attacks his balls savagely; special guest announcers that climb into the ring and assist his tormentor; special themed matches like the ‘Head In The Toilet Bowl’ Match which is just him with his head shoved into a toilet as She kicks, punches, pulls, squeezes, and hammers his balls they they swell to the bursting limit and abuses his balls with tools and whatever She can find, or the ‘Street Fight’ Match where She takes him to the parking lot and uses whatever She can find to attack his balls, like a fire extinguisher or slamming his balls into a car door over and over.


    And, it isn’t the first time or match his been humiliated and defeated in; he gets abused every night on live television where the Women of this world watch and masturbate to his shame and suffering. After hours of being beaten up, slammed, piledriven, choked, kicked and made to surrender over and over, She finally decides to end the game: She delivers Her finishing move, ‘Your Balls Are DEAD’  - move wherein She holds the pervert so his back is pressed against Her front, legs held up and spread so his balls dangle - She then climbs to the top rope and leaps, landing in such a way his balls are crushed on Her knee as She slams back down on the mat. And, She doesn’t just smash them against Her knee, She KEEPS him there so his balls remain flattened and crushed, even grinding him further into Her knee in little circles between each YBAD, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, all while reveling in his weak cries of lustful pain!


    She does this a record FIFTY-TIMES before pinning him. Following this She takes Her Victory walk, carrying out into the screaming crowd balls still dangling as She lets all the cheering Women fans attack and kick his balls for what feels like forever. He often passes out but She does not let him slip away that easy. No, She continuously rouses him as the ballkicking continues into the crowd of THOUSANDS before She takes him back into the ring to receive Her Victory Blowjob in the center of the ring, riding his face mercilessly for HOURS!


    CBT is a big theme Here, though moreso the Ballbusting part. And, there’s no ref, so the Women make up their own rules during the match itself! PB image: 1e6124cc9ed46739a35618bf68203699.jpg


    2). Atalanta - Set thousands of years in this world's past; a time of Goddess and...Demi-godessess. One such Demi-Goddess, Atalanta, daughter of the Goddess of Submission, has worked Her forge for centuries, providing the strong, beautiful Goddesses of Her village with sextoys of God-like proportions. Every day She works Her forge diligently, never once failing in Her task. And every night, for centuries, works Her personal pet. First, She begins by releasing Her pet from its cage where it spends the day blindfolded, gagged, cuffed and above all, nude. Dragged on all fours by either hair or collar to Her forge where She begins Her nightly sessions. Bending it over doggystyle, She grips its cock with a nice, hot tong as She never touches its filthy cock - save for one special occasion - and lays it over Her mighty forge. Held there with tight lamps, locking it down leaving the exposed and tender underside facing up towards Her. Now locked and bound pitifully, She begins; firstly, She slowly pours a bowl of hot wax up and down the length of his cock to get it ready for torment and wake the perv up but mostly to hear his weak little cries of submission, setting the bowl down and breaks off a large chunk of wax from the small wax pillar besides Her, the wax melting slowly while She work that cock with Her hammer.


    Taking the Divine Tool, the powerful and merciless Demi-Goddess Atalanta begins pounding away at the soft, tender and woefully weak dick, the pervert whimpers from a mix of pain and pleasure. Hours pass as the beating goes on, broken only by the hot waxing of that cock as She steams it up and down its aching length. She  works in silence - at first - refusing to acknowledge him, though after a few hours of this neverending torment, She speaks, verbally destroying and mocking the creature who can see nothing at all and hear only Her wicked words of humiliation.


    She gloats on how She will beat and pound that unworthy cock until it sprays cum all over Her mighty forge and nice, clean floor. And, that how She will have it lick up every last single drop of it. For the creature is nothing to Her but a little, pathetic fuckpet. However, She forbids an easy cum, oh no, wishing to rob all the pleasure out his impending ejaculation. The Goddess Atalanta drives a small thin metal blocker into the cumslit, making cumming nearly impossible. And when he does, when he at long last shoots his dirty load, its a geyser She mocks him for. Then makes him kneel and blindly lick it all up. But, forbids him to swallow.


    She is not done.


    Naked now, in all Her glory, She places Herself in the Goddess Position - hands placed on the anvil while the creatures holds and supports Her lower body and begins an feverish pussy-eating session that last most of the night, his cum-covered tongue makes Her repeatedly down his throat. And as morning approaches, She dons Her Golden Dildo, gets it on all fours like a dog on top of Her sacred anvil and pegs its ass hard until his cock squirts again and again.


    And, finally, as the sun creeps over the horizon, that ‘special occasion’ cums where She finally touches his cock. But not to make him cum, oh no! Pulling it backwards, She grips it not unlike a twig one thinks to snap in two...and makes him BEG Her not to snap his cock like so! She bends it, twists it, gives it an Indian burn, spits on it, tugs and pulls it and bends it to the breaking point only to keep him on that precipice while he begs and begs Her not to snap his weak, filthy and unworthy cock in two.


    Just as the sun comes up, the forge fills with the sound of lustful suffering as She slides the beaten, dangling dick into a type of Fleshlight, but instead of soft, pussy-like beads, it randomly shocks his cock while She cages him once more for the day, Her blacksmith shop opening soon. For centuries, the Goddess Atalanta has diligently worked Her forge. And the pervs hard, steaming, dirty cock. It is not the first time She has broken it.


    It won’t be the last! PB Image: 


    Those are my two PRs requests for now! Hmu if these appeal to youse! Lata!

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