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    large.2d838fc2dc4100259a4d6cbb750749cf.jpg.0cb179ebd8f8c28b8d1ab3303ad78694.jpglarge.789a66d76b8825fb1741b0cdfd90b71b.jpg.c9e951b5449210c337dc17abf0076c56.jpglarge.03c07b6ac5cc7a8e5a52ac2452d33abf.jpg.98d98342b2fff4e5645f75b8c93c297a.jpglarge.0efe0e8a9a643c9b44a239fedbfb2b4b.jpg.6cd3970c811999d247ba9a463b9d562d.jpglarge.7e45d3b96dc6fd55d063fcdface18f55.jpg.b7e40c49b3d6279a2e12ddfe101f26ba.jpglarge.0a8f9d187a36c1f91741a3a48f6e704d.jpg.61a71050fe04020739238324cedc0909.jpglarge.6d703ffdfb927fe46976b35f3d007828.jpg.62518231a193a43e7cf73541527c9629.jpglarge.VideoCapture_20211018-153520.jpg.349047c9be7d625cba09c215d97fac51.jpglarge.7fdfaac1b7a6021aefdea4229f52ae0f.png.cecf5ff57c70e5540a3b280476f55558.pngHello! I would really like to play a furry gangbang, either i get to be the lucky girl, or i can make someone a lucky girl if theyd like! I love playing a wolf furry, and i have a great referance character thanks to another rp player as my profile pic! I am also open to one on one furry rps of almost any kind, or any suggestions/ideas! Just text me! 😁 i have a few idea posted below to hopefully get someone interested to play with me! 


    The cabin in the woods

    Hailey's family owned a small cabin out in the woods to get away from the city life. Being a furry was difficult in the city, so there was a place to go to find peace for a time. Hailey came by herself this time, or so her family thought. This time she invited some of her friends up to the cabin to hang out and have some fun. It was meant to be just to relax and play some games, but there were other intentions in peoples minds. (This can be a one on one or a gangbang, depending on your wants! You can choose how many to play and if they are human or furry too! 


    Gym room mishap

    Hailey finished her tennis practice at the local gym. She felt relieved to get a break and go shower. Her tennis skirt fluttered about, as if attracting the attention of everyone around even while i was playing. Without even thinking about it, she walked into the mens shower room to take a shower and relax a bit. No one was in there at first, so she continued to strip down and enter a large shower room, unaware of the group that was about to enter in after her. (This one is a gangbang with either humans or furries!)


    The baddest rave in town

    Hailey wanted to get out and have a little fun out on the town. She heard about a rave going on at the Matrix club downtown that was supposed to be the most popular place in the whole city. She needed to destress and party, in any way possible. As she arrived at the venue, there was a huge line to get inside. She looked a bit bummed out, thinking she put on her sexiest dress she owned for nothing since it would be hours before she could get in. However as she walked by the bouncer, he took and interest in her and waved her to come in and join the party right away. She excitedly entered inside to see a packed dancefloor with hundreds of people dancing and partying. There was a bar, a lounge area, and upstairs VIP section, a den for certain bosses and special guests. There were so many opportunities to meet new people and party. She thought she might want to go fix her dress in the bathroom first before starting the party, or get a drink at the bar. The adventure awaits! 

    (This rp has a lot of avenues to ho down with lots of interactions and dirty spots to get down with. The bathroom has gloryhole stalls all around, the bar has a sign to entice new gals to waitress for a large tip and meet certain VIP groups or bosses as they go around. The dance floor offers a flood of people to touch and grind to their desire. There are private booths in the back to take a date, or three back at a time to have some fun. The VIP section could see her and demand she come party upstairs with them. Can be one on one or gang, or a mix! This one can go on for a while too. Or if you have ideas to go with, please share it!)


    (More rps may be added later so keep checking back!)

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