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  • [FUTA4F/FUTA] Dominate your favorite rule 34 girls

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    Today, I’m calling out to all those perverts out there, the ones who really enjoy making girls do so many perverted things for them, the ones that enjoy the idea of turning ladies into kinky sluts for their enjoyment, the real degenerates, because have I got a roleplay for you.

    Let me ask you something, what would you do if you had practically limitless power? If you could do almost anything, make anything, would you be the noble type that uses their power for the betterment of others, or would you use it to fulfill your own desires? If you’re like me, you’d choose the latter.

    See today I’m looking for a true pervert to give a gift, the gift of power, the power to dominate and use others as they wish, specifically girls, a power I very much hope you will not hesitate to use, I want you to use this power to dominate, control, humiliate, and degrade these ladies into whatever your perverted mind can think of.

    See I enjoy when my characters are under foot, when they are degraded, made to do perverse things, and most of all, I love it when they love it, I don’t want them to hate it, I want them to get off on it, even if they resist at first, their bodies can’t, it’s just too hot and pretty soon they’re reduced to perverted sluts that only think about their next orgasm.

    Story goes like this, you were just an ordinary individual until one day you had an accident, you died, and now you’re moving on, but now you get the chance to reincarnate, and let me tell you, you really lucked out, not only do you get a new life, but you can design your new life.

    You get to decide what you’ll look like, creating the ideal form for yourself, granting yourself whatever traits you’ve ever wanted, charisma, strength, intelligence, it’s all yours, but it goes beyond that, you can give yourself whatever abilities you want well beyond human, this isn’t a game where you have to limit yourself to be fair, no, you can make yourself the most OP Mary Sue you can think of, mind control, invincibility, time travel, reality shifting, power in your hands beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of and once you’re ready you’ll appear in your new form.

    And of course there’s your new world, which let me tell you is no different, you can decide what world you want to be reborn into and you can, any fictional world you want, and you’re free to make some changes to them if you desire, add or remove certain individuals, or you can always wait until you get there and then start making changes, the choice, like the power, is in your hands.

    You’re probably thinking there has to be more to this, well in truth there isn’t, my desire is simple, I wanna play rule 34 girls as they are made into the perverted playthings of a practically all powerful dom, so that’s what I’m looking for, someone who enjoys being all powerful, enjoys dominating and humiliation ladies, has some knowledge of rule 34 girls, and is pretty kinky, don’t have to share every kink, but the more we do the better.

    I would prefer a partner who’s on the creative side and can think of better ways to use their powers than just fucking, I mean seriously, you have the ability to do almost anything, don’t limit yourself, and really I can give you some ideas, I wanna enjoy dominating and humiliating the many girls in different ways, finding different ways to assert your dominance, where you can go about your everyday life and consistently enjoy having these girls under your power by doing even the simplest things, I’d love to brainstorm some ideas with you.

    Now shall we tall kinks? I have quite a few myself and want to give us as many options as I can, but know not all of them are necessary, so don’t stress if you don’t share every single one, now kinks, I enjoy futa, femdom, findom, JOI, smell, sweat, musk, humiliation, degradation, bondage, rough sex, spanking, whipping, face slapping, feet, footwear, armpits, ass play, rimjobs, oral, anal, toys, nipple play, exhibitionism, slutty outfits, pet play, fetish clothes, incest, stripping, sex shows, forced orgasm, mind control, watersports, scat (in limited amounts), clothing control, creative punishments, corruption, transformation, lots of cum, casual domination, sounding, obedience, rules, mental triggers, magic, raceplay, spit, and more, my limits are mainly snuff, vore, chastity, denial, and vanilla play.

    If this interests you, if you feel you are the creative dom I’m looking for and you want to dom some rule 34 girls, well then message me and we can start discussing, please don’t ask me to message you, my account is too new so I can’t.

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    4 minutes ago, Zegrin said:

    Could this also be a male x f rp as well? Or strictly futa f4 futa?

    if I was willing to play with male characters I wouldn't specify female and futa

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