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    Hello! And thanks for taking the time to read my post 


    I'll open this discussion with a crucial statement: I love humiliation and manipulation, not too dark, not too painful, but degrading and embrrasing en general.

    Leaving that out of the way i'm open to try any kind of RP, so you can write me about any plot that you may think of. I would also like to clarify that this plots can be twisted and molded for you to play a female character or even a futa if you are into it! So girls don't be shy!


    Now elaborating a bit more into my kinks:

    First of all, i'm a sub and i don't like switching, so it would be ideal that YC is a dominant and active person. Beyond that, i really love any Cum related fetish (cumplay, cum on clothes, facials, bukkake, you name it); also i'm a fan of Cosplay/Outfits/Costumes/Lingerie and sexy clothing in general, specially when it involves being exposed in front of people; i like blackmail and cohercion, but i prefer to use them in ligth-hearted stories, like a nerdy girl getting bullied and humiliated at college, rather than a more serious and life threatening scenario; and finally as expected from a cumslut, i also love gangbangs/blowbangs.


    Here are some vague plot ideas that i would like to play but, again, feel free to propose any variant for them, or a completely different plot alltogether:



    1 - She lives at the university campus, at the girls dorm, and by some burocratic error, or maybe because someone pulled a few strings around the authorities of the campus, YC ends up assigned to share room with MC. Soon they become very good friends, and they even do ocasionally have sex (fuck buddys or friends with benefits), despite that, there's not a romance beetween them, and they still hook up with other people from time to time.

    The idea is to play the every day life of this girl (MC) wich will constantly be bothered and humiliated around the campus by her rooomate (YC), always trying to put her on embarrasing situations in front of other students or on social media.

    To simplify this plot, here are a few statements to make things more clear:


    YC and MC will be roomates who attend to college and live at the girls dormitories.


    YC and MC are very good friends, who ocasionally fuck each other, but they are free to have their own separate adventures.


    YC loves to bother MC by playing sexually awkward "pranks" on her to publically humiliate her.


    MC will always get mad at him, but she will forgive him after a warm and fake apology from him.


    (A variant for this plot that i recently discovered is for MC to be a kinda famous cosplayer, so this would make room for not only costumes and skimpy clothes but also for a lot of social media humiliation)


    2- The every day life of this girl consists in waking up 8 AM to spent the morning at the local gym, then go back at her little department in the 5th floor of a regular residential building. She's a gamer who works for a big software companny, so she uses the rest of her free time playing and programming. The most exciting thing that happens to her on a regular week is to play online with a few of her friends on weekend's night. But there's more, this girls also happens to be the most insane and obssesed fan of Lance "Money Shot" Hardwood. A famous male porn start, known not only for his several movies and awards, and his very big tool, but also for having the record to the most substantial cum shot ever recorded. And for a girl with a huge cum fetish like her, having the chance to get fucked by such a porn legend would be a dream coming true, even if she would never admit it.


    The thing is that this porns star (YC) got retired, and this shy and lonely girl living in the suburbia (MC) gets very sad because of it, that is untill she finds out that Lance retirement home is just crossing the street from her building. My main idea would be for MC to contact YC and shamelessly ask him to fuck her, to what he will of course refuse; after MC insists, and maybe gets a little creepy stalking him, YC agrees to give her a chance but ONLY if she proves that she's at the level of the top porn starts Lance used to have sex with. Here YC would start to give MC daily tasks and challenges that she will have to overcome to show him how much she really wants him and his "Money Shot". This challenges would start a little innocent and grow more extreme as days goes by untill the final scene of the RP where he finally accepts that MC is the biggest CumSlut that there is and fucks her brains out.


    I'll keep adding more plots as i think of them, but this will give you a general idea of what i'm looking for 😄

    Remember that this is all open to discussion! So write me your ideas!

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