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    Hailey works part time at a big restaurant/casino to earn some extra cash. One day she gets curious about the gloryhole bathrooms on the other end of the casino. Because of the strange layout of the bathrooms, the stalls intercect on both sides, meaning the holes on both sides of the ladies room went into the mens stalls. One day, she decided to go try it out for herself after her shift is done.  Her older brother agrees to come pick her up from work that night,  and shows up just before her shift gets over with.  After going to the bathroom to clean up, he sees the gloryhole in the stall, and decides to have a little fun with it. Unknown to each other, their sybling was on the other side of the wall. The gloryhole keeps then anonymous, but they soon both realize who was on the other side of the wall... 


    This rp can continue on after the gloryhole rp and things pickup between them at home later! I am also up for other ideas as well, just message me! 

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