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    Hey! So was just meandering in mah noggin, and had an interesting thought. I generally like to play villainous or mischievous guys, especially lately, but it's always nice to do a change up. Soooooo.... I had an idea for a genderbent twist on a rp writer's beloved Greek tales: Hades and Persephone. 

    General idea is MC will be a Male Persephone, and YC will be a Female Hades. I'm thinking very fem dom heavy on this one just because I like it and I think it would fit the story well. Other kinks can be discussed and figured out. I was thinking modern fantasy or maybe even historical fantasy for the setting. And I don't have an exact story plot or direction I want to go with. I'm interested in seeing what kinds of directions people want to go with this change in gender/roles 😁 so let me know if this interests you 

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