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  • Hailey's glory hole experience

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    Hailey got bored waiting for her mother at the mall. She wanted to go into the shop that has all the cool mugs and and designer edge clothing. She slipped away while her mother was distracted with a friend. She roamed around the store looking at all the cool earrings and body jewelry when she came upon a door that said "enter for a good time, but beware, no one leaves until all are satisfied. Not knowing what it really meant, she decided to go inside anyway. The door closed behind her as she walked into a hallway leading back. The door wouldn't open for her again, so she signed and shrugged, walking down the hall. Soon she saw a door that said "fun in here". She opened the door to see a small room just big enough for her and only her. She walked in confused, just enough for her to hear the door close and latch behind her. The light turned on and suddenly she say large holes on each side of the room. She looked around nervous for a second. Then before she knew it, her new friends came through the holes.

    (Text me if you wanna play! All ages available!)

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