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    Hello! I'm in the mood for a Harry Potter rp! I can play as any cannon or non cannon girl! With multiple scenerios to play from! (I play ages 11 to 18, from 1st year to 7th year student!) If we play as a non cannon rp, i will play as Nythera, a Slytherin student, long red hair and green eyes with a small line of freckles over my nose.

    1: a trip in the forbidden forest. 

    This rp would be me taking a trip into the forest with my male friends late at night after hours. Either A: they take advantage of me while no one is around, or B: a monster of your choosing comes out of the forest and scares the boys off, leaving me underfunded against anything you do to me...

    2: love potion

    This rp will happen that i take a secret love potion that is tailored to one person or many people in the group around me, both a gangbang or one on one rp possible here. 

    3: dark arts interest.

    This rp will deal with a non cannon storyline where my character gets into some forbidden dark arts that includes me doing sexual acts to gain power or having to do sexual acts because i become hexed into doing them (as if my body moves on its own from the magic either against my will or consensual on my part) 

    4: bullies

    This rp will include one or more bullies single me out while walking outside the castle and disarm me of my wand, then use magic to force me into sexual acts with them. 

    5: freeplay ideas!

    Just message me with your ideas that you have and ill be happy to hear them! ❤

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